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Vallabaneni Vamsi ki Music start

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Lookout notice ivvochu.

Also, USCIS will initiate background verification during GC Process. AP government can write to USCIS about pending criminal cases against him.

if government is determined..it won’t be easy for him.


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On 5/19/2024 at 7:25 PM, Sunny@CBN said:

Vamsi and Kodali meeda jali chupiste kastam. Vamsi ki konchem ayina bhayam undi. Aa kodali Maree too much asalu...target aithe chestaru.

Mana hero emanna papam help chestadu emo Vella iddariki? Jr japam chestu untaru iddaru.

Aaa d o g s valla prathi addamaina vedavalatho matalanipinchukunadu Tarak so Help cheyalsina avasaram jr ki ledu ......mana leader ye gvt ki chedda Peru rakudadu adhi idhi ani sookthulu cheptadu emo !!!!

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