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*****యువగళం: లోకేష్ పాదయాత్ర*****


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5 hours ago, gnk@vja said:

Yuvagalam volunteers arrest ayyaru kada 

bail try chesthunara pai court lo ?


Legal Team Chusukuntundhi..

Padayatra ki mundhe telisina vishayam okati chepthunnanu.. 

Multiple (enni anedhi can't reveal)  volunteer teams pettaru..  oka team ni police lu arrest chesthe inko team replace chesthadhi..  Arrest ayina team ki legal team vuntadhi.. 

Dhaadulu cheyadam police case lu pettadam anni expected ee CBN/ Lokesh/Party  ki adhi kuda Padayatra start avvaka 4 months mundhu.. annitikii ready ayye Padayatra start chesaru.. 


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