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4 hours ago, akhil ch said:

207 ni track cheyadam easy thing. Useless risk for employees


4 hours ago, Telugunadu said:

Nuvvu govt employee aina Ysrcp ki vesevaadivi.

207 votes track cheyyatam very easy.


Nenanedi YCP ki bad sign emo ani, main opposition lekapoyina oka 40 avathala esarante, normal fair election ki band eyyochu employees.. 


4 hours ago, Rajakeeyam said:

BJP 2k to 19k idli mass aa :o

This is also bad sign for YCP... Repu debates lo rechipotharemo baffas, punjukunna bjp ani... 😂

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5 hours ago, Sunny@CBN said:

TRS and Congress ki ardam ayyindi. Baffa gallaki ardam kaledu. I hope they loose very badly in TG

less than 10 BJP ki..Congress cadre manchi voopulo vundi in the last 2-3 months, idey continue ayite they could win atleast 30 seats

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