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Apple Iphone X available from today


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1 minute ago, uravis said:

entha success avuddo teliadu kani online lo full ga troll chestunnaru.


Piga vadi super security face unlock twins ki work avvatla. twins are able to unlock each others devices even though not completely identical.

em talking andi.. apple wants to make twins happy.. anduke dna testing chesi vellu twins ee ani confirm chesi iddarivi iddariki share chestundi.. it's next gen idea ya

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2 minutes ago, chanu@ntrfan said:

anni major cities nunchi small towns varaku 8am nunchi full queues.


tim cook open chesina palo alto location loni 1st person(1st person officially to get iphone 10 instore from CEO) ki aithey 5000$ offer chesaranta line lo swap avvataniki.

Line sitters (sitting) ki jackpot :super: 

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7 hours ago, chanu@ntrfan said:

ippudey oka video chusa,new york city lo konthamandi aithey 2 weeks nunchi shifts vaariga chinna chinna tents vesukoni unnaranta foot path meeda.

they are resellers uncle who resell phones for much higher cost on ebay or other sites to make profits...iphone is good business during release week

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