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***Monsoon Updates***


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Up to 2.9 million people people can be affected by wind speeds of cyclone strength or above. In addition, no people people are living in coastal areas below 5m and can therefore be affected by storm surge.


Affected provinces

Region Province Country Population

Andhra Pradesh India 70.2 million people

Affected Populated Places

Name Region Province Country City class Population Distance

Nizampatam Andhra Pradesh India City - 1333 km

Bapatla Andhra Pradesh India City 68000 people 1353 km

Chirala Andhra Pradesh India City 86000 people 1361 km

Ongole Andhra Pradesh India City 170000 people 1381 km



Europian model alert

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Guest Urban Legend

BBC Weather



The Andaman islands had 230mm of rain in 24hrs from cyclonic storm #Vardah - heading to India but should weaken before landfall Monday. CF

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Cyclone "Vardah" latest position is 12.1N and 89.7 E, having moved NW. Estimated sustained winds speed is 45 kts and gusting to 55 kts. Deep convection (heavy rains ) is now seen West and North-West of the circulation centre. Will continued to be steered by the Sub Tropical Ridge, it will track NW.


Latest Expectations: As it enters favourable conditions, it will continue to intensify. But from 11th morning, it will encounter dry air and increasing shear....and hence will stop its intensification and decrease in strength. Winds speed will reduce, and may be around 35 kts on crossing land. Should be crossing land around 15N -16N by 12th December

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