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  1. he is good warrior of TDP, alanti vallani kuda tesesthe tupak, Minstiries tesinappudu andaru edo annaru, ee cand matram emi matladakunda TDP ki work chestha annadu
  2. yes Posani Pedakakani, just contest chesadu from CPT
  3. AP vallu cross cheyyara... paadakulu TS valle cross chestharaaa
  4. In Pawan Munjal speech, he said we will make the plant operational from Dec 2019 after giving a pause, the CM might not be happy with our aim, he may want much more early date... :-D that's CBN adantha cut chesi video pedithe
  5. 23rd foundation stone vesthunnaru, CM assembly lo cheppadu
  6. nenu use chesukuntunna idi 3 months nundi http://www.apsrtclivetrack.com/#/ TOO GOOD, VILLAGE BUS data kuda ila undatam, but no publicity as useual
  7. aa 2nd candidate evaru, chala photos lo tedaga chusthunnadu..
  8. I am unable to understand the calculation, inflow 2.50 lac cusecs ki taggatalla kaani 1 hr lo half TMC matrame ninduthundi.. As per my understanding, if 1Lak Cusec per day, then it will be ~ 9 TMC 9 ki chusthe 222.29 TMC undi, 10 Ki 222.74 undi, flow matram 2.66Lak undi, out flow is in 1500 Cusecs.. mrng 6ki 220.48 undi... 4 Hrs ki just 2 TMC perigindi...
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