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  1. article 3 talks about parliament rights about changing boundaries of states or forming new states or merging states. kcr want water reallocation among karnataka, maharashtra, ap , telangana. modi didn't agree for that proposal .telangana filed petition in supreme court. maharashtra and karnataka opposed petition. supreme court strike down telangana petition by saying "if telangana divided into telanagana a and telangana b , will you ask again to redistribute among all states". kcr want water share from maharashtra and karnataka. unfortunately maharashtra letting krishna river water to a
  2. https://www.thehansindia.com/posts/index/Andhra-Pradesh/2018-12-15/Ramayapatnam-port-idea-attracting-investors/458982
  3. 150 km radius dooram lo vere airport vundakoodadani clause vuntaadhi . aa clause lekapothe private developer mundhuku raadu. pune lo kothagaa kadathaamantunnaaru . akkada koodaa vunna airport close chestaamantunnaaru. baagaa ekkuva traffic vunna chotla mathrame second airport viability vuntundhi . example delhi, mumbai bangalore (hal), hyderabad (begumpet) lo existing airport close cheyyalani clause pettaaru.
  4. https://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Visakhapatnam/centre-allays-fears-over-closure-of-vizag-international-airport/article25786582.ece vizag airport runs even after operations at bhogapuram airport started. it possibly affects viability of bhogapuram airport. in hyderabad begumpet airport closed immediately after inauguration of shamshabad airport. in vizag center want to create hurdles to bhogapuram airport indirectly.
  5. https://www.telugu360.com/te/pawan-kalyan-cheap-language-on-opposition-leaders/
  6. avunu. dredging complete avvaledhu . jaruguthunnaayi. manam central government ekkuva expect cheyyalemu.
  7. currently dredging going on for vijayawada muktyala routewhich is urgent for amaravathi capital. vijayawada muktyala route doesn't require any land acquisition.
  8. pesarattu famous in godavari districts. maa intlo vandinapppudu 10 tintaa
  9. https://www.deccanchronicle.com/nation/current-affairs/300918/karnataka-opposes-telangana-plans-on-krishna-river.html
  10. they will check no of travellers from given origin(or near by) to destination(or near by) by train in ac (1st ac, 2nd ac, 3rd ac) compartment daily rajahmundry(or near by) to bangalore ( or near by) rajahmundry to hyderabad rajahmundry to chennai
  11. whenever they conduct tests there will be restrictions on ship movements coming towards machilipatnam port. iaf base near suryalanka beach is around 20 km from vodarevu port, there are chances that vodarevu port will not get defence approval. nakkapalli port did not get permission as it is near to newly build navy base.
  12. proposed lift irrigation project lift 7,000 cusecs. any project requires assured supply of water.if water supply stops in the middle/last stages of crop farmers don't get required yield. yes, in this year we got good inflow from munneru. if we transfer 11,500 cusecs water for 24 hours it is equivalent to 1 tmc floods from munneru won't be more than a month. this year we lost 40 tmc. out of 40 tmc with 7,000 cusecs lift capacity we can utilize 30*7000/11500 = 18 tmc . we can store 10 tmc in vykuntapuram barrage . make it total 28 tmc . this year is best year since 2014 . we can't e
  13. memu cheppedi idhe kadaaa polavaram rmc(right main canal) capacity is just enough to serve krishna delta. polavaram rmc doesn't have spare capacity to transfer water to nsp right canal. polavaram rmc capacity at head end(near polavaram) 17,500 cusecs. at tail end(near pavithra sangamam) 11,500 cusecs. if somehow cbn increase polavaram rmc capacity then this lift irrigation project is useful.
  14. @sonykongara how to upload images to nfdb. when i try to upload images it failed. do we need any separate permission to upload images
  15. i have seen in news that ap government has given lands to lepakshi knowledge hub in 2009 . lepakshi knowledge hub is at anantpur karnataka border . it is around 80 km from bangalore airport. is it possible for ap government for to take back those lands and setup itir? ITIR bangalore is not started as the farmers in that area opposed land acquisition . if we can get itir it will transform total anantpur district .
  16. srisailam & nagarjuna sagar fill ayye chance vunte veellaku problem vundadu kadaa
  17. https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/tamil-nadu/decks-cleared-for-bengaluru-expressway-project/article23753798.ece
  18. evaro mahaanubaavulu cbn ni mislead chestunnaru. lekapothe cbn overthinking tho ilaantivi chestunnado teliyadu. polavaram coffer dam will be ready by 2018 may/june . ie polavaram rmc and lmc will get water through gravity by june 2019. what is the necessity of lifting water from guddigudem (chintalapaudi scheme) to polavaram rmc. cbn wasted 1600 crores on purushothampatnam lift irrigation scheme 3500 cusecs to lift water to polavaram lmc for one season. if he spend same amount on polavaram lmc, by this time polavaram lmc could get completed. basically cbn wants instant gratification
  19. http://uat.meeseva.gov.in/CMDashBoard/userinterface/irrigation/IrrigationCommonReport.aspx once you open the link press canals button the above link gives details about discharge capacity of different canal system in ap (in cusecs) . nsrmc(nagarjuna sagar right main canal) 11,000 krishna delta eastern main canal 10,600 krishna delta western main canal 8,200
  20. 17500 cusecs at head(polavaram) and gradually reduces to 11500 cusecs at tail (vijayawada) . i read at somewhere in eenadu that cbn asked irrigation officials that "whether it is possible to increase rmc capacity" . they said no
  21. polavaram rmc can carry sufficient water only for krishna delta . we need another canal from polavaram to transfer water to nsp right canal ayacut
  22. edi emainaa godavari range flow mana country lo vere river ki ledu. particularly peak flow. in 1986 floods its around 36 lakh cusecs roughly 300 tmc/day. it's peak flow is more than mightier brahmaputra and ganga rivers. national institute of hydrology roorkee predicted peak flow at polavaram 60 lakh cusecs . ie 500 tmc/day . cwc reduced the estimates to 50 lakh cusecs/day and designed spillway capacity to 50 lakh cusecs
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