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  1. development under progress. if you get chance to interact with any person in these states ask them about infra development. hdi or quality of life will improve only after infra development . these states need center support for infra development, education , health. sick child will become healthy child only after having nutritional food for few years. similarly bimaru (sick) states need center support for few decades to progress in all parameters. in the past north indian states ruled by regressive politicians. these politicians oppressed people and loot public. south india pol
  2. up lo yogi, bihar lo nitish kumar, madhya pradesh lo shivraj singh chouhan cm ayyaaka law & order improve ayyindhi. center support tho infra like water, transportation, electricity, communication , health, education meedha focus pettaaru. woman education , health, child mortality rate improve ayithe family planning ki importance isthaaru. puttina vaadu brathukuthaadu anukunte 1 or 2 kids tho saripedathaaru. population growth control avuthundhi. ktr, kcr logic prakaaram telangana income telangana lo karchu pettaali. hyderabadi tax payer logic prakaaram hyderabad income hyderab
  3. north india requires support for another 2 to 3 decades. north east states need continuous support as they share border with china.
  4. okari vote inkokaru vesesaaru. https://www.eenadu.net/telugu-news/districts/Visakhapatnam/11/123044492
  5. dk shiva kumar ni cm candidate gaa declare chesthe gowda caste people congress vaipu tilt avuthaaru
  6. ee roju donga votelu teaser choopinchaadu. 2024 lo movie choopisthaadu
  7. no time limit . jayalalitha case reserve chesaaru. jayalalitha chanipoyaaka sasikala ni jail ki pampadaaniki judgement announce chesaaru.
  8. https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1vOxwMvvXLVGB g v reddy twitter spaces recording.
  9. one twitter comment bar and restaurant service - brs
  10. thinte thintaadu maaku konchem pedathaadu. idhi ap janaala freebies concept. ee freebies concept karnataka lo introduce chesthunnaaru. politicians power game lo okko state bankrupt avuthaayi. its just matter of time. god bless india. ivannee choosthe democracy kannaa china laa totalitarian government better anipisthundhi.
  11. mlc election lo polling officers gaa evarini pettaaro choodaali. vaallane 2024 election ki pettavachu. naa guess ayithe village secretariat(grama sachivalayam) employees ni polling officer gaa pedathaadu.
  12. if any one get chance to speak in spaces. please raise fake votes issue using fake aadhar and deletion of tdp votes which will impact 2024 election result.
  13. Anam Venkata Ramana Reddy , gv reddy participate in this twitter spaces
  14. arrest ayithe akka range periginatle.
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