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  1. Congratulations AP people… you did it
  2. That is correct brother..I agree with you... don’t mind the shortcut batch comments
  3. Congratulations Govt employees. You deserve every penny... You worked your asssss off to get the job and helping India Shine
  4. ee Revanth Reddy gadu maku PK tho avasrm ledu annadu.. kiki...
  5. Salary picha lyt.... no one is poor these days..... all we want is my cassette or religion person to be CM/MLA...development comes and goes... cassette or religion stays forever
  6. Thank you Jagananna appu chesina maku pappu annam pedtunanduku
  7. Congress voting for congress is voting for development
  8. Nothing wrong... may be they don’t like inter vaccine marriage
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