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  1. one day cm ga ayina sudali vundhi bala ni
  2. Hero opposed mp seat for bjp ani ayane annadu ga master.. andhuke hero ki poti ga contested emo
  3. Ala aithe kadapa lo 7-8 kottali then only you need to compare
  4. Happy Birthday @akhil ch
  5. You kannadiga na nasty uncle
  6. Vinod NKR

    NBK Aagamanam

    @uma waiting for your photo
  7. Simha is Memorable movie in my Life . B tech 2005 lo Join aithe Allari pidugu tho Start ayye Simha Tho End Chesa . Sri Kalahasthi lo Double Theatre Day1 balaram And Ram chandra Due Heavy Deman 2005 - 2010 Time lo ONLY MD Simha Double Theatres lo Released . Evening Shows ki All Theatres closed balayya movies hit ayyaka vere movie ki evaru vastharu ani excepet RR Theatre (Darling Running). Royal Bar Athanu Buyer Simha 6 L Ki konnaru town lo Talk . Day 1 ke almost Safe to Buyer (Rama chadra 1000 Capacity Theatre Almost). Last 100 Days Movie in Sri kalahasthi . After ANR Prem nagar Simha 100 Days Run in SRI Rama chandra theatre. NBK Sri kalahasthi Came Simha Success tour ki . Simha Hundreds Celebrations Ki Appati Bojjala Gopala Krishna Reddy Came cheif guest ga cake Cutting ki .... literally cried in theatre anandha baspalu .... Simha Movie Watched in Different Places . Srinivasa theatre in Tirupati Leela mahal in nellore Fourth week lo Double Theatre lo Running. After 50 Days Araveti in proddatur . 100th Day in Odeon Second show . 175 Days Celebration in Alankar Jammalamadu Tavel with boya @Sinna.Sinna bro valla . met @Nekkanti in this tour in bus .. 365th DAY in Ameerpet ikkada aduthundhi small cake cutting and chinna banners pawan marni kkr chowdary my self @Rayapati vellam .. karthik . thelikunda 22 times watched in theatre .
  8. Hollywood lo release chesthunnara ee movie.. NR English lo vundhi interview motham
  9. Ethaina meru great uncle
  10. Aaa Kalam lo 475 ante sate first 1st meeru
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