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Modi'fied Hair

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put some old pics to compare i cant figure out the difference :donno: 

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2 minutes ago, Jaitra said:

old pic and new pic tho troll cheddam,veyyandi

articles vachayi bro appudeppudo 

AHMEDABAD: For as long as his oldest aides can remember, chief minister Narendra Modi has always carried a comb in his pocket. He also carries a special shaving comb, which he brushes lightly on his beard to trim overgrowth.
Political watchers had observed his hair-growth in 2007 when he last got a hair-transplant to reclaim part of his receding hairline and appear less bald for the December election campaign. During the treatment, he used to cover his head with a woolen cap, especially when out in the sun.
For the last six months or so, it is the mane growing at the back which is catching the eye as he curls up a tuft enough to make a pony-tail.
This is another hair-raising story! There is immense speculation on what is in store. Is it because of some religious belief that Modi is growing his hair? Is he donning a more saintly image? Or, is this preparation for another transplant in an assembly election year.


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vadi degree fake,marriage fake,chaiwala fake,sweeper photos fake, NCC  claim fake....


chivaraki bochu kuda.......BJP ni goyyi tesi patestunadu......pushpams are not realizing that Modi took away + factor of BJP in educated...



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