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  1. As expected, he hurriedly scheduled “Amma vodi” program in Nellore and will be put an absent petition in ED court.
  2. He will not attend. He will hurriedly schedule some program and skip the court. As long as he has MoSha blessings , nothing will happen in his cases
  3. Is this for MPTC and ZPTC and grama panchayati or only gram panchayati ?
  4. In Andhra, BJP cannot improve beyond NOTA, unless they take a clear stand on so many issues. Especially Polavaram, Amaravathi. MOST important fight against ruling and not against Opposition. in TS they were able to improve by fighting against TRS, not by fighting Congress.
  5. Even though i hate Modi's BJP But TRS downfall is fully appreciated
  6. My PD is Aug 2011, but changed multiple employers. I Started with new employer 5 months back. So my employer need to start fresh PERM and and I140. Hope it will be done next year and I will ready by Oct 2022
  7. US Senate passes S386 Bill that eliminates country-caps on employment-based green cards. Effective from Oct 2022
  8. after 5:00 PM votlu guddi box lu fill chesinattunnaru. So TRS number can go up by 15-20 easily.
  9. Ballot voting lo famous cyclic voting ani kuda antaru. A party will somehow obtain one blank ballot may be from their own party voter. Then the party can mark the ballot for their party and pay next voter to take the pre-marked ballot to a polling station and exchange it for the blank ballot issued and return the blank ballot to the party. and the cycle continues.. This is known as chain voting or cyclic rigging.
  10. My Prediction : TRS - 54 MIM - 32 BJP - 31 CONG - 24 TDP - 6 Others - 3
  11. Any info on what happening with this ? I was in India last 2 months, most of my villagers got compensation. Only 8 families didn’t get any info. Now worried that we may need to pay J-tax .. to get our compensation
  12. For few they mentioned the amounts. Like for mango trees, or for borewells etc. for the land it’s still not finalized
  13. I guess because of case , officials are not responding I guess. So I am asking my villagers to take the case back and just talk to officials to close the matter..
  14. No works happening in my village, but half KM before varaku full swing lo going on. 6 -7 months back survey done . Last month my dad went to MRO office, but they didn’t respond
  15. Already court case chesaru, adi every time vayida le. Till now not even single hearing happened..
  16. 2 acars... Lokesh ki kaliste emanna use untunda?
  17. ? I seriously dont understand this. Works are going so fast, but in our village, till now, they didnt even talk to us. last they spoke is 7 or 8 months back, or may be even before. they did put markings, but nothing beyond that. Amount is not finalized, how much land will go is not finalized.. Dont know whom to approach..
  18. Hi, Chandragiri constituency , Kalroad palli Panchayat - 

    +1 980-254-1345


  19. No Idea. we filed a case and got a Stay order. Still no response from any officials.
  20. Our village farm lands come under this. Officials came and discussed with all villages except our village. We tried talking to officials, but surprisingly no response. We don’t know why they have completely ignored just one village. So with no options left we filed a case in high court last week.
  21. Trump gadu ikkada nundi tarimeste, india vachchi i pani chesukovachchu.. Self satisfaction ayina vastundi..
  22. its finalized now.. houses are safe in most of the villages. to avoid heritage factory, road is going in farms. akkada chala varaku polalu anni beedu padi unnayi. So everyone is happy..