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  1. My friend died in karimnagar 1.5 months back because of dengue it was worse then... don’t know about it now
  2. Andhra janalu edho medhavulayinatlu ... minna elections result marchipoyara endhi 😂
  3. JANAsena ki enni vachayi monna.. ? TDP + janasena vesthe work out avuthundha
  4. Meeku varandaritho koncham chanuvu ekkuva vunnatlu ga vundhi ga.... leka me vallu emanna missingaa...oka vela andhukani aithe next time ki include chestaru lendi ..... savara list lo
  5. Nope lot of pending work and land acquisition payments are not done yet for many villages in WG
  6. Hello Brother,

    my bet is MK wins and forms government in TG. 

    I stake $50. Winner chooses charity ... My preference is https://www.akshayapatra.org/

    bet's on :)

    1. Kondepati



      Apple does 1 is to two matching

      So if u win I will get 150$ donated to the link which u have shared


      u can help a school which needs some help, I will send the school details 

  7. complete design rakunda tender lu entaki quote chestaru ...ela istaru sodara
  8. inthaki assembly & highcourt final designs eppatiki vastayi... kaneesam ee term lo sankusthapana anna chestara
  9. polavaram kalava lo neelu poyadiniki chintalapudi ani peru endhuku inka
  10. High Court kattadanike 2.5 years ante assembly ayyesariki 2024 elections vastayemo ga Ika 2019 elections ki em chesamani cheppukuntaru... temporary secretariat court kattamana