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2 minutes ago, kiran319 said:

Akhilapriya husband valla akhilapriya ki chala bad name vacchindhi.AV family ki icchina kastame.Bhuma Nagi reddy Son ki age saripothe ivvadam better.

Age saripodu 2024 ki...bhuma Brahma....ki allagadda ivvadam better emo

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ee ticket lu, incharge la nu select cheyyadaaaniki manchi capable team tho committee farm chesthe better emo?

aa committee members ki bias vundakoodadhu. capable, loyal, common sense  vunna leaders members gaa vundaali.  aa committee ki social justice avasaram ledhu. jagan opposition lo vunnappudu responsibilities motham trusted reddys ki ichaadu. 

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13 minutes ago, Ranky@Tarak said:

It's a dominated Reddy community so if we concentrate on 25k kapu votes we may loose other votes.We need to act fast on atleast who will be the next candidate else bjp candidate may capture few tdp votes


48 minutes ago, Seniorfan said:

Akhila sister kooda vundhigaaa….


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