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jagan gaadi vidya kaanuka 🤬🤬🤬

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People who claims to support TDP needs to come out and chose either BJP or TDP. You can't hang in both the parties. Also, genuine TDP supporters should be very careful while posting or retweeting their posts. Such posts sends a bad vibe to all non Hindu religion followers in TDP. Please don't fall into the trap of BJP supporting guys. Instead make sure that you posts those tweets and comment on BJP is spear heading these issues and how Jagan could have avoided it.

I don't see anything wrong in this definition except that the definition of God is being only attributed to some religions. I also don't see how come this will be the mistake of Jagan when the responsibility lies with the Oxford Dictionary Team ?

My understanding is that Godparent and Godmother are concepts seen only in Christian religion. Please enlighten me if i am wrong.  

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