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byreddy sidharth reddy on voter mindset

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7 hours ago, JAYAM_NANI said:

kodi ni noppi pettatam pakkana pedithe, mari chala biyyam esaru ga TDP last lo? so only biiyyam ne kadhu inka ekkuve ivvali?

2019 election was a reflection of how much negative emotions can be stirred against a party with blatant lies and creating caste hatred etc using coordinated propaganda machinery on ground and in SM. YCP is successful is doing it using Prasant kishores team to do the damage on TDP govt

2024 lo same scene ni recreate cheyyaleru as ppl will judge how the rule is from 2019-2024. decoit gadi core vote bank elagu ycp ke estaru..but those who wanted to give jagga a chance and those who believed those lies that ycp propaganda made against TDP etc --- vellu ela vote estaro anedi chudali..

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