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Chintakayala Vijay Promo Amaravathi24X7

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1 hour ago, Chandasasanudu said:

this guy has very good clarity on all the issues...and will convince with logic

TDP has some sweet problems..

Ayyanna..Vijay from family...offering two positions in same family difficult

Payyavula..dhulipala..buchaiah..chinthamaneni..many good speakers are same caste.. accommodating minister position is difficult for all of them..

This guy is good from many years..

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interviewers job is the toughest if you want the interview to be successful. Try to ensure that the speaker gives his opinion in Telugu words too even if he / she uses specific English / Hindi / Urdu words. Immediately identify and alert the speaker and ask him to repeat the same sentence but with also quoting the meaning of the other language word he used. For example: in this promo, speaker used the word "maligned''. 

If the interview is already taken and now can't change something, see if you can scroll in telugu the meaning of the word exactly at that juncture.

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