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Tulasi Reddy Full Interview Amaravati24x7

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Good one, bagundi 


Reg reorg bill inka konni questions adagalsindi, next vere Congress vallatho jarigithe adagandi . implementation ki time lenappudu why they hurried in the last minute vallu chepthunna oppukunna letters ichina parties anni koda eppudo ichayi letters and lastlo ivvaledu


TR garu said BJP TDP and YCP failed fo get things done though they have kept items in bill.

what is the role of INC why are they not putting pressure at centre to implement the bill they have passed , is it not their responsibility . though they are not doing this how are they expecting themselves to be believed by people of Andhra 

stateki anyayam chesaru ani pakkana pettaru, malli consider cheyali ante they need to fight for the state adi cheyakunda no use 

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