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  1. anni nh lu 6 lane kaavaali ee desam lo , janaala daggara dabbu perugutundi, andaru car lu kontunnaaru.
  2. http://epaper.eenadu.net/index.php?rt=email/viewemail&a=MjAxNzEyMjlhXzAwMjEzNDAxMg==&V=SW1hZ2U= telangana engineers suggested government to oppose akinepally proposal .one thing is clear telangana won't allow interlinking from its land. chattisgarh and maharashtra oppose inchampalli project . polavaram - penna - cauvery is only option available before central government
  3. http://epaper.eenadu.net/index.php?rt=email/viewemail&a=MjAxNzEyMjhhXzAwNjEzNTAwOQ==&V=SW1hZ2U= polavaram penna is ideal as per wapcos report given to the center
  4. it is better to complete godavari penna link first then amaravati anantpur expressway , or atleast acquire land for both projects simultaneously . otherwise land acquisition cost for godavari penna link canal will increases abnormally.
  5. if the central government takeup godvari penna project it may take more than 20 years. cbn can complete this project in 10 years. as per wapcos if the canal capacity is 92,000 cusecs(roughly 8 tmc per day ) there is a possibility to utilize 812 tmc (50 percent dependability) and 707 tmc(75% dependability) it will require 1,50,000 crore . if cbn able to complete this project and uttarandhra sujala sravanti ,he will be remembered by forever by people in the state. with current behaviour of modi we can't rely on central funding. To fund this big project cbn have to reduce spending on some proje
  6. sabari merge with godavari at kunavaram which is below telangana. in terms of water availability polavaram-penna- cauvery link is ideal choice as it covers 100 % catchment area of godavari river . it is free from controversies. we have first right over water usage. only issue here is power consumption to lift water is high. if chandrababu able to convince gadkari with this plan then it is good, otherwise our state has to take up this project on its own. ap government may not able to provide the funding for this big project as it has other commitments on welfare.
  7. http://epaper.eenadu.net/index.php?rt=email/viewemail&a=MjAxNzEyMjNhXzAwNDEzNDAyMA==&V=SW1hZ2U= telangana oppose central proposal
  8. for that state have to bear entire funding. problem in ap is even with deficit budget we have to spend lot of money on welfare, capital construction, caste based corporations, unemployment benefit,amaravathi outer ring road, rythu runamafi,dwakra mafi, unviable metro rail for vijayawada and visakhapatnam cities, raising(doubling) salaries to government employees. our state government have to please all sections of people and ever increasing demands.
  9. http://epaper.eenadu.net/index.php?rt=email/viewemail&a=MjAxNzEyMjJhXzAxMDEzNDAwNQ==&V=SW1hZ2U=
  10. http://epaper.eenadu.net/index.php?rt=email/viewemail&a=MjAxNzEyMjJhXzAwNTEzNDAxNg==&V=SW1hZ2U=
  11. @swarnandhra it is better to ignore the andhrajyothy in this forum . andhrajyothy always look for sensation . that paper is suitable politicial analysis, highlighting useless issues. even tv9, ntv, tv5,sakshi also like that. their main focus is to grab attention, getting trp ratings. in the current days etv/eendadu will give complete picture without any twists or turns. it is better to wait till eenadu give article with complete details.
  12. hello friends, when i observed andhrajyothy articles on this topic(godavari penna) , i felt that they are looking for sensation not content. they write articles with half knowledge. if you want clear picture with full content follow eenadu. it is my opinion , you can judge yourself by reading the articles of both papers.
  13. http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/ap-looking-at-another-riverlinking-project/article17444799.ece see the above link for detail picture about godavari penna link from thehindu
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