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  1. That's part of the problem... But the situation in Shanxi province (which is the major source of coal in china) is worst, it is badly effected by the recent floods... and they are ongoing ... more than 400 mines are shut ... all major provinces have issued warnings about electricity shortage & asked factories to work only for few days untill further notice... they have asked employees not to use lifts, no Air-conditions if the temperature is low, ela bochedu rules in few provinces...! Andharu chepthunatu impact bagane vuntundhi... this has led to the supply chain crisis ... Mana busi
  2. 1932 lo Tata Airlines ga start ayaru.... government kallu denimedha padai, forcefully takeover chesukoni "AirIndia" ga marcharu... present day situation every day 20Cr loss... year on year 7kCr-8kCr losses.... epatike 60kCrs losses ... elage continue aithe mana jagun anna magic number ni touch chese vallu 1LkCr...! Good that Tata has got it back , andhuke ee "Welcome Back". Eppudu Tata valla under loo... AirIndia, AirIndia Express, Vistara, AirAsia India... vunai... chudali , how things will evolve ani..! Akkada Rakesh Jhunjhunwala ankul kuda 40% stake tho "Akasa" ane ultra low-cost
  3. Manish Tiwari's concerns about the current situation and his emphasis on security&stability in boarder state is understandable ... any person who knows the history of the punjab region & its dynamics with pak... will be concerned . watch this small clip , if interested... from "the print" . More detailed video : Ekkada malli BJP ,, Congress ani gabbu lepakandi.... just information telchukovali anukune vallakosaram.
  4. Charanjit Singh Channi to be the CM of Punjab... Sidhu ni side petaru, adhi chalu for the moment .
  5. Punjab has around 500-600 kms of International border ... But it is predominantly secured boarder, not as porous as Kashmir .... Aina kuda , untill few years PAKis have sneaked Heroine & other drugs into the land , effecting thousands of households .... Congress has controlled & stabilized the situation , thanks to Capt.Amarinder ... Now,Its not as worst as it used to be. But the International situations are very fuild .. Now that Kashmir is gone from Pakis hands ... they started concentrating more on Punjab... It is a reality, swamy thatha chepindhatlo exaggeration vundhemo , k
  6. Exactly Bro... And very unstable fellow. He is surely not the right candidate for chief minister-ship in punjab... Bad move by congress to sideline Capt.Amarinder singh .
  7. Sidhu edho kampu leputhadu future loo anipisthondhi ... offlate, manishi vevaharam teda ga vundhi... His proximity with pak establishment is bothersome .
  8. He is one leader in the current lot, who is work driven...! Actively looking after infrastructure projects , his speed & quality of work will determine the next trajectory of India's growth engine... Lets see how things manifest....!
  9. Vaccine stock em sudden ga dimparu-ga... there will be some chatter about its availability ... Concerned department should be proactive in these situations ... avi emi kirana saamanlu kadhu , proper storage & ontime utilization kakapothe waste aipothai... which will account to gross negligence...! Can't speak for others but I have respect for people who put effort to learn the language of the land, It needs genuine effort .
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