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  1. Please make sure that NO ONE Touches AMARAVATI in Future
  2. *Polavaram *Capital City * New Ports * IT in Vizag *Super SIX
  3. * Clear Issues Noted in RED BOOK by giving free hand to Nara Lokesh
  4. Good Let Sharmila be aggressive and Alternative for Jagan.
  5. Delimitation Can't be for 2029. India Census Is not Started Yet. As per Constitution Delimitation Can be after 2026...so I guess it will be possible for 2034 only
  6. Yes I know Pedda Reddies Are United and Unique. I am suggesting about structure of party in NLR.
  7. Kotam Reddy Ki Ground Work Ichi. Funding Vemi Reddy Uncle Chuskunte NLR lo TDP tirugu undadu for next time also
  8. Johar Thota Chandrayya and Jallayya and Nandam Subbayya...All TDP Martyrs
  9. Julakanti Bramhananda Reddy Won by 29000+ majority. Highest in the History After 25 years TDP won the seat. It's the fight of the Century. Johar NTR Jai CBN Jai TDP Jai NBK Jai JBR Johan Thota Chandrayya and Jallayya and other martyrs of TDP. Happy Tears
  10. TDP first Win: RJY Rural Gorantla Butchayya Chowdary Majority: 50250
  11. Correct Update: TDP: 5 ( Kuppam, Palamaneru, Guntur West, Gurazala, RJY Rural, Mandapeta) JSP:1 ( Pithampuram)
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