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  1. Healthcare workers no doubt they are working day and night...really great. I am talking about thatha mundhu chupi failure...kaburulu thega cheparu ga demos
  2. Huge shortage of testing kits...slots e dorakataledhu testing ki...and he pushing the blame to the states...horrible democrts
  3. Yes Biden declared victory on covid in july itself. and removed mask madiates as well. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/speeches-remarks/2021/07/05/remarks-by-president-biden-celebrating-independence-day-and-independence-from-covid-19/ https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/02/us/politics/biden-coronavirus.html
  4. Trump apudu asalu no standards , no protocols no idea what everyone is going into...as that is the starting point of the pandemic ..from there everything started... still numbers are better than biden admin vaccinations are ready and available , more knowledge and advancement on the pandemic , exp from India delta surge still Biden failed. Idhe delta wave tho India without much vaccination and infrastructure failure of Modi, USA lo matram due to delta ...what a double standards !!
  5. yeah Dems H1s isthune vuntaru as we are cash cows ...but GC enduku ivaru? just because of Trump so many ppl got GCs and because of Biden as he prioritized USCIS to support illegal cases 100k unused GCs wasted. We dont have any issues with I'lls but talking about Dems/ Biden priority. Surplas cash manaki vureke radhu ga we are working hard, paying taxes, and saving without doing any luxurious things. Money ivadam is ok even Trump did that in initial stages but later country opened and lot of jobs are available to everyone but still Biden extend evacuation ban and keep on givving th
  6. yeah I agree there were some issues/uncertainty for immigrants in Trump period(I am also in H1B)..but just because of him only so many people got GCs and many more did not receive because biden loaded USCIS with illegal immigrant cases and treated legals as slaves and low priority. Trump would have brought better streamlined process if he came to power again. All the good things happnd to to legals are under Republicans... Dems always support illegals for their vote bank.
  7. keeping illegal as priority than legal immigrants ...look at the records how the illegal immigration is surged after biden came into power...they are just taking them in buses and leaving in different states just to increase their vote bank...and look and NYC voting rights for non citizens? look at the inflation?? i know many small business like lawn maintenance which got closed due to the free money biden is giving as unemployment benefits...now people are just siting at home and receiving unemployment benefits...at the cost of tax payers.. look at afghan debacle.. and many m
  8. Biden - Kamala = biggest disaster to USA. even all the ratings saying the same. Trump is lot better than this fakes. even in immigration wise Trump is better due to his policies lot of people got GCs
  9. antha manchi name vunte neduko bro elections lo results opposite ga vasthunai??i too agree he is great administrator and has good capability but not good leader...
  10. evaro okaru chepali kadha bro...nina evaro ah book chadavamanru mana db lo link vesaru as i am 23 now apudu jarigina vishyalu em theliyav so thelusukundam ani chadaiva...
  11. nthng lyk dat bro..i got many valid points through this discusins and all our members posts...u can observe my posts i tried to clear my doubts what i read in book.thats it, n most of them i got cleared.
  12. not portfolios bharath ratna..
  13. manam ala satisfy avadame bro...who can measure the hearts??tv channels,papers,websites,critics,fans in current generation judge ppl based on their awards n rewards..for ex mahesh babu ki nandi awards ekuva vachi but tarak ki rale e vidam ga chusukuna tark is better than him...but ppl wil talk mahesh ki ani nandi awards vachy ani.talent should be recognized and awarded in current time...
  14. yep manaki award kanna congress ki opposite ga vundadame imp..but nda ki support chesinapudu demand chesi vundavalisindhi ga cbn..
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