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AP farmers- walmart suppliers,ICRISAT program

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2015 vizag mou was made for walmart to procure from andhra farmers&dwacra in agri(dry nuts,fruits and crafts) products for export and domestic

Walmart foundation gave 4 million dollars in last 6 months to this program in Andhra Pradesh ...mainly ICRISAT support and preparation of farmers..

CBN planned farmer income increase plans well upfront....... Walmart does export selected product procured direct from AP farmers...this helps getting good rate that is export quality...Farmers get good&guaranteed price


/****Did you ever question why these global special programs below all only Andhra Pradesh was chosen? 

anyone know with CBN initiative Siemens sponsored 300 crores to Andhra University,Vizag for a lab?

Also HP sponsored 100 acres skill university coming in Vizag only?


Stanford fellowships, why more than 50% selection from ap compared to rest of world?  :no1:


UNesco sponsored world education summit why 1st time in vizag in 2017 and 2nd time to be again nov-2018 in vizag?

Unesco 1st world gaming&digital academy in vizag ?



Melinda gates sponsored farmers program only in Andhra?

World Economic forum backed "Zero budget natural farming only ap"

Hp donated tech skill development only in Andhra


Hitachi WEF praised&requested RTG lab for other countries which was done 1st in AP

AP is Cisco's 1st IOT test platform in India 

Tata corporate funded program mainly in Andhra Pradesh

No-profit(yes, it is top corporate program) araku coffee promotion and today international brand and helping farmers

Thunder alert system 1st in ap

Infy sponsored Nagarjuna sagar buddha program

Krea corporate university

Dassault defense related skill academy 1st in ap(land istunaru and works to start soon)

1st amtz full infra in ap amtz vizag....with hp giving 1st 3d printer lab for Amtz along with all world class labd ready

Cisco,siemens sponsored Tirupati labs


Amazon skill dev partnership to train Andhra students


Microsoft 55,000 digital school  kidsprogram that is changing andhra govt schools teaching



Au japanese sponsored small scale program

SVU university lab by corporate(Siemens&cisco and others)

Ap-ohio state universities 50% fee program

Smart village highest corporate donors in ap village programs

Master card 1st india pilot program 

Visa  pilot payment card in vizag

Hitachi part of India doing their sponsored program in krishna district 


For many such the answer is



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Skill development programs lo cbn microsoft,google,amazon,hitachi,hp nunchi unesco daka andarni kummesadu..

Stanford di ayite na bhu na bha ap usage

Okka manishi reputation valla vachinavi ivi

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