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  1. veedi veshalu mamulga levuga ... TTD vimukthi kosam aa ... nastha poyedi TDP kadura ... Is anyone working to bring every temple, masjid , church into this supreme court discussion? We should.
  2. This topic is close to my heart ... hope to pursue this passion at some point in my life ... after I fulfill my current obligations. Will take some adjustment ... but, raithu bidda gaa shouldn't be too hard to pick up where my father left it ... will be interesting ...
  3. I know we have some swami fans here ... but, ithanni inka pattinchukontunnara He's the biggest snake of all ... thallini kuda thakattu pette rakam veedu ... inka desam, pakka rashtram entha le ...
  4. Half of AP population covered Universal healthcare
  5. Seema lo oka international undali, atleast gulf, Singapore and nearby destinations ki. But, it'll take time.
  6. slow ga vasthai le ... lot of progress the past 4 years. passengers leka pothe operators munduki raruga.
  7. yes, they are ... I hope none of the occupants would come out on TV complaining about how TDP govt didn't flush their toilets after they took a dump ... Thing is ... people who are happy with this ... they need to come out and express ... otherwise, we'll only see negatives.
  8. CBN ki PM position anedi 20 years back he discarded ... Aayana mindset ni meeru andukoleru ... in any aspect ...
  9. There are some remarkable people here ... glad to see them during this discussion ... all of you
  10. There is something about 'I heart' It resonates ... I heart Amaravati ... she beats it ...
  11. last few images kanipinchatam ledu ... 'removed' ani vasthondi.
  12. I'm glad to see CM help her. There are many more like her. Its time to think as a nation and take a more comprehensive approach. Indian govt has any plans/thoughts on how it wants to deal with healthcare for its citizens? Its much bigger issue. We could pass a law under the disguise of free market and unfold xxx eat xxx world ... or take some lessons from rest of the world 'ex us' (as in financial markets) who are doing it successfully with compassion. Nah ... govt hospitals in India is not the answer ... like I said before, I'd rather die on the streets than go to 'prabhutva asupatri' ... its like a mortuary.
  13. ? Hmm .. .you had to barge into weather channel too, huh? There is nothing here about ycp or jagan ... just some talk about some nature happenings.
  14. oorilo oka tractor nadupukunte bathuku saafiga gadichipoyyettundi ... raayithee ante loan aa subsidy naa? nris ki isthara?
  15. I hope this is true. Jaffas are playing every card in their stupid playbook.
  16. Being far away ... I don't pretend to know the impact of central govt policies on common man. But, allow me to express some thoughts ... they're not too different ... Its important to cultivate a sense of a nation ... a culture ... Beyond that, its important to see ourselves as productive citizens ... not dependent on the state. Sure, there comes a time in one's life ... one needs help. That's why we're paying taxes. But, I don't expect to be in that conundrum for too long. I expect to pull myself out of that with some help from the state. thought process stopped here ... sorry, more later ...
  17. Yes, PKs heart is in the right place. I hope he follows it. He's a good man.
  18. ee pk gaadiki paisa theleedu avesham thappa ... edoka picchi vedhava.
  19. I'd love the thought of AP Police protecting my house while I'm gone ... can they actually do it? Tall order.
  20. This is where its going wrong ... let people eat , please. If not CBN, Lokesh should know this.