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  1. Lol another propaganda fb post. Hindus gurinchi bible and quran vale matladali..if he is really worried he would have read/compared about jainism/budhism etc.
  2. news follow avthara? he conducted 2 meetings couple of days back ...one with state cms with highest cases to discuss measures to reduce cases and another with all state cms to discuss the vaccine distribution system/process and timelines and requested all cms to send written suggestions on the same in a week. every meeting lo adhe discuss cheyaru. better to follow news properly before commenting.
  3. antha manchi name vunte neduko bro elections lo results opposite ga vasthunai??i too agree he is great administrator and has good capability but not good leader...
  4. evaro okaru chepali kadha bro...nina evaro ah book chadavamanru mana db lo link vesaru as i am 23 now apudu jarigina vishyalu em theliyav so thelusukundam ani chadaiva...
  5. nthng lyk dat bro..i got many valid points through this discusins and all our members posts...u can observe my posts i tried to clear my doubts what i read in book.thats it, n most of them i got cleared.
  6. not portfolios bharath ratna..
  7. manam ala satisfy avadame bro...who can measure the hearts??tv channels,papers,websites,critics,fans in current generation judge ppl based on their awards n rewards..for ex mahesh babu ki nandi awards ekuva vachi but tarak ki rale e vidam ga chusukuna tark is better than him...but ppl wil talk mahesh ki ani nandi awards vachy ani.talent should be recognized and awarded in current time...
  8. yep manaki award kanna congress ki opposite ga vundadame imp..but nda ki support chesinapudu demand chesi vundavalisindhi ga cbn..
  9. manam cheyagalikindhi chala thakuva bro anduke cheyavalisina vallu chesthe baguntundhi...
  10. i too dnt care about all this awards n stuff but manam demand chese positon lo vundi enduku thechukokudadhu..arahata leni valaki isthunaru arhatha vuna valaki enduku fight chese thechukokudadhu
  11. dinner aypoindhi...usa timings..12.30 avthundhi ida
  12. edo emotional lo antam bro..veyakunda vuntam.nina evaro post vesaru db lo download chesi mrng nunchi evng varuku motham chadiva..hurting ga anipinchindhi post vesa clarification vasthundhi ga...what o what ani..ipudu varuku nenu chadivindhi 2 books matrame okati ravanna dhi rendu idhi..both downloaded from nfdb posts...chadivina ventane kuncham fire vuntundhi ga..but serously ntr kosam cbn chala cheyali