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  1. subbu_chinna

    TDP list

    I heard Naveen Mischal is joining TDP without any ticket...Is it true?
  2. subbu_chinna

    Avanthi Srinivas meeting with Jagan today!

    To get ministry YCP should win right..i don't understand why they are so confident Ycp will win
  3. subbu_chinna

    Avanthi Srinivas meeting with Jagan today!

    CVR news lo breaking..MP Pandula tomorrow joining YCP
  4. subbu_chinna

    Avanthi Srinivas meeting with Jagan today!

    Just saw in news..ganta informed to cm he is ready to leave bhimli seat
  5. subbu_chinna

    Tdp wins with huge majority

    Is it positive or negative for us..
  6. subbu_chinna

    UC black mark

    Just now in delhi meeting he said clearly we submitted all the UC..still what you want...Even nitiayog also said it seems...
  7. subbu_chinna

    UC black mark

    Nitiayog also told AP has submitted UC' expect for few....They also informed AP is in some top 3red position in country in submitting UC.....I think only some of us are in insecure state regarding this...
  8. subbu_chinna

    Electronics hub in Renigunta,Tirupati

    Bro..what happened to this..this one also modi stopped?
  9. subbu_chinna

    Modi gvl dubbing shhh

    I heard as per plan modi speech is only for 30 min but still continuing?
  10. subbu_chinna

    Modi gvl dubbing shhh

    I don't want to see his speech..please point some highlight words
  11. subbu_chinna

    FEB1- Budget Day

    whose annual packages is up to 5l...but not greater than 5lk...Greater than 5l..must pay 5% between 2.5l to 5l asusual
  12. subbu_chinna

    New car buying

    First vehicle prize 9l to 16l..competition to duster..kreta...available after August..every 6 months one new model
  13. subbu_chinna

    Dwcra groups-pasupu kunkuma

    Check will be given now..but money they can withdraw only on April5...its before election...similarly for march check also..they can withdraw only in march
  14. subbu_chinna


    Thank you bro...any idea when they are going to start
  15. subbu_chinna


    Anyone having idea on progress of apnrt iconic building...did they start the works?