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  1. where this article is published or it's your own article?
  2. Overall i heard from agent person is she will win...but he is not expecting big majority
  3. subbu_chinna

    Final Count

    True...need to check how many mla's will go in 108
  4. subbu_chinna

    Revanth Reddy Deputy Cm Bhatti Vikramarka CM

    I don't understand how peddireddy is right choice.?....if not suhasini this way wouldn't come in kukatpally
  5. subbu_chinna

    Record Breaking Poll%

    Is it official
  6. subbu_chinna

    Rajath kumar press meet

    Medchal 55%
  7. He told majority will be less
  8. Just now spoke to one polling agent..he told in kukatpally tdp got good votes ..he told tdp will win..he told at last hour..harish reddy also told to his members to vote for tdp... This guy know other polling agents also..
  9. subbu_chinna


    No he told AIDMk
  10. This time one more but with my friend...road no 1
  11. Moosapet decides the fate of kukatpally
  12. Once again....Along with me took 10 people..Kphb positive Towards TDP...I saw 3 girls came for voting...some people told them to vote for car...they replied you people keep on scolding as andhra people...they replied no vote for car...
  13. As of now in kphb tdp got good votes