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  1. In Tamilnadu....ponnu radhakrishna will win from kanyakumari
  2. Ma office lo ayete...ycp fans tamil people ne koda tune chesaru...jagan vastadu ane...tamil vallu koda jagan vastadu jagan vastadu...
  3. Then sakshi survey is provoking ysrcp guys to loose money
  4. In pressmeet he even told that after 23rd we will see one good day and do pramanaswekaram....it means how confident he is....but no one is speaking about this....finding only negative points
  5. Entukle bro, office colleague....i don't understand what confidence they are...in Cudapah lo railway koduru and rajampeta they are expecting..i was laughing like anything when he told
  6. Yes..he his little bit more anxiety guy
  7. I asked the same..he is saying some equation..Muslim + Naveen nischal kapu...will make him loose....Then i put 10k bet that he will win
  8. Ma office lo ayete okadu jsp fan thigh slap in front of me that he will not win.....
  9. In news i saw as it will continue up to 1am
  10. Any idea on bhimavaram...will pk will win?
  11. In rajampeta i heard fight is between Ycp and jsp....is it true?....
  12. Vamoo...if this is the case we will loose