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  1. subbu_chinna

    #AravindhaSametha Day 8 AP/TG 2.79 cr total 8 days AP/TG 61.36cr

    Today Nizam +ceded can we get 2C?
  2. subbu_chinna

    #AravindhaSametha Day3 AP/TG 7.11cr

    UA 76 lakhs..Day3 7.10
  3. subbu_chinna

    nandyal roads extension completed

    OK..Thank you
  4. subbu_chinna

    nandyal roads extension completed

    @Saichandra under ground drainages work also completed?
  5. subbu_chinna

    Chintalapudi Lift Irrigation Project

    Completion month for project?
  6. subbu_chinna

    Baffas and jaffas self satisfaction

    For PRP many neutral voters voted...but for janasena that is not the case...only caste voting
  7. subbu_chinna

    Baffas and jaffas self satisfaction

    Only AP 22 percent for PRP
  8. subbu_chinna

    IT raids

    IT raids are handled by state or center?
  9. subbu_chinna

    Electronics hub in Renigunta,Tirupati

    Its,s xiaomi
  10. Insider reports from the BJP indicate that BJP National President Amit Shah has taken the fight against Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu very personally. According to sources, it is said that Amit Shah is uniting all the parties in Andhra Pradesh against Chandrababu Naidu to ensure that TDP doesn’t win in the 2019 elections in the state. It is said that the decision on the list of candidates in parties like YSRCP, BJP and Jana Sena, depending on caste calculations, will also be taken once the BJP High Command gives nod to them. For now, it looks like the Opposition in Andhra Pradesh is united to fight for a common goal - defeating Chandrababu. "Our goal is to retain 4 seats we have in AP. So, even if we win 5 seats, it is a victory for BJP. But, a bigger win will be to defeat Naidu in the politically," Amit Shah is said to have mentioned to party members. BJP is looking at more charged allegations against Chandrababu Naidu in the coming days. BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao will go all guns blazing against TDP and Naidu, sources say. Looks like Chandrababu will be the One Man Army fighting against a United Opposition in Andhra Pradesh! From Gulte
  11. subbu_chinna


    Any chance for completing by Jan15th
  12. subbu_chinna

    Notice to CBN ,Lokesh ,NRI vemuri

    Who is this useless sravan kumar
  13. subbu_chinna

    Mahaa murthy

    Recently i see pk fans supporting NTV..i don't know the reason..
  14. subbu_chinna

    Mahaa news Murthy

    After elections i will be in national level also not only in state..so all kapu batch plz support me and fund me...meeting only for kapu's and entrance 10l..murthy went to that meeting in different getup so no one will recognize