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  1. subbu_chinna

    Chinna babu chanikyam

  2. subbu_chinna

    NTR Anna canteens

    Which area
  3. subbu_chinna

    Chinna babu chanikyam

    Watch in TV 5 at 9:30 pm today
  4. subbu_chinna

    Ganta Fires on PK

    My friend who is a janasena follower and participate in janasena activities.. He is telling so confidently that he will join janasena.. as his son wants to contest this election.. As it is not possible for him to allocate ticket in TDP.. So He won't stay in party.. I don't know how far he is saying true
  5. subbu_chinna

    AP Skill Development

    Bro every one selected from jammalmadugu area or some other area also
  6. subbu_chinna

    sabbam hari etv interview

  7. subbu_chinna

    Endhi inni goals eeroju

    Pawan Kalyan—-If i ignored politics i would have been in the list of top 3 heroes of all time across any film industry in India. What was his last film that was so popular that would have put him in top 3 across India?
  8. subbu_chinna

    Thota brothers good bye to TDP?

    I don't know bro much about him that's why I asked..
  9. https://youtu.be/ndJ8PTZ5scY Is it true or some time pass news..
  10. subbu_chinna

    kurnool development

    Any one knows when kurnool airport is getting completed
  11. subbu_chinna

    Ma ooru kuppam

  12. subbu_chinna

    Rs deputy chairman elections

    AIDMK has 13 seats
  13. subbu_chinna


    Water released from 4 pumps to right canal
  14. subbu_chinna

    ycp mla+bjp meeting in delhi

    Mothukpalli statement.. In jagan family 4 members are married to ST. Indirectly saying about CBN family marriages.. I will participate in jagan and Pawan padayatra.. Sold all Rajyasabha seats
  15. subbu_chinna


    Jd Lakshmi narayana praised pk regarding uddanam.. Because of him lot of changes came.. He is doing lots of social work there.. Did he spent any money for effected people?