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  1. Chowkidar .......... Back to Gujrat hopefully
  2. I voted to Anjan Yadav Bec of him only, knowing clearly that contest is between TRS and BJP only. Secunderabad
  3. CBN in, Modi out @ 2019 This is ideal situation That's why CBN is continuing the fight
  4. He can be a king maker or also be a PM too He should give his best shot... He is doing well highlighting EVMs issue
  5. Yevadi caste ki vaaru, yevari religion ki vaalu vesukuntaru MIM ki Muslims, BJP ki Hindus, YCP ki christians
  6. 100 votes majority also okay NBK vaala Hindupur ki special importance vachindhi.. He should have spent more time though
  7. Result idhe avuthundhi anipisthundhi I am not political analyst but still feel this will be the result I hope all the efforts you people have put will pay off 🚲🚲🎉 👍 🎉🚲🚲
  8. Muslim vote bank kosam MP elections kadha
  9. Beaches improve cheyali ... Vote for Helicopter
  10. KCR also spoke against modi in this regard
  11. Brahmani ne anukunna... So we have two gems
  12. Even Sachin is called antinational if you remember... Kanhaiya Kumar might have different idealogy .... That doesn't make him antinational If he has done something wrong than why he is not behind bars?? Okay, Even if he is antinational he has everything required in making of a politician, he will succeed in big way in future for that reason alone He will compromise on his idealogy , get corrupted or be antinationalist that is different topic But I have listened to him live in Hyderabad, he was so spontaneous in his approach , he has that charisma in him, which will be witnessed by mainstream too, I am just predicting that
  13. If you don't support BJP you are antinational, right now ayithe idhe meaning
  14. In Bihar ... CPI party Triangular contest Will be hard but I believe he can win I am supporting him ... He has great oratory skills and passion to be a politician.. will make it big one day even if he loses here...