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  1. No one supported him They why the issue... That guy is trolled usually
  2. Heckling, sloganeering was done in bad taste... There are not college rival gangs they are in responsible positions and they need to work together ....
  3. Didi and KCR are not that easy But chances are there for Bjp Get ready for some riots
  4. KCR is coming to Vijayawada to do yagnam Rain will come after that Current problems will solve Otherwise TG will share current with AP KCR-Jagan two cms one soul (modi)👍
  5. That is what Didi has chosen, we should see can she manage to retain power, 2 yrs lo we will see But mullu ni mullu thone theyali TDP definitely should be agressive
  6. We can agree to disagree Different idealogy vunna... Let's not say like this.. Off course you just reacted to earlier post ... Still 👍
  7. In bad taste..... Even if you don't like him He was a great actor and stood for his idealogy...
  8. Nani congrats Keep going
  9. Owaisi KCR brothers Inka yem opposition
  10. Learning Hindi is okay, I enjoy Bollywood Bec of being in Hyderabad.. I speak Hindi more than telugu.. But making it compulsory is wrong
  11. Bhadrachalam before division adagalsindhi
  12. Remember Owaisi called Jagan his friend
  13. Resists Hindi imposition successfully Even though kannada and mallu people too joined .. the movement was led by Tamilians
  14. Good news for Cong too ... They will get better share if they have understanding SP ... Cong wants AAP and BSP to be weakend too .... They mind losing UP .. improving their count is their criteria It will be SP vs BJP in UP
  15. Didi is kind of xxxxxx That is the reason she is able to withstand BJP still 2021 would be interesting.. Civil war or president rule lantivi ayina no surprise...
  16. Chethiki Patti petukunu Rakhi katindhi papam...
  17. Yes I got to know through Katthi Mahesh Revolutionary step CBN time lo vundhi Ani theliyaledhu
  18. He is a Legend
  19. Gelisthe vaala vaale gelicham antama Politics annaka anything is possible
  20. Better take rest sir People are happy with any kind of shit... They will take care of themselves
  21. Bec BJP wants to replace TDP in long term