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Siemens skill development certificates

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CBN ni digipoyemundu okasari Aina jail lo pettali ani aathram GA edoti story allesi kelukkunnaru. 


Ipudu scam ani prove chese Pani vadilesi ipac social media caught itself into something dangerous. Certificates free ga ichesaru ani screenshots and what's app curated chats tipputhunnaru to malign CBN. 

On the flip side, Siemens skill development certificates were evaluated thoroughly and were awarded to almost 2 lakh merit students who are now eligible for voting. 

If the recruited companies remove them just to even maintain clean image avoiding nonsense what is their position ani Siemens bose o point raise chesadu. This will impact around 5-7 L direct voting. 

Guddi ga hatred Valla munigedaka techhukunaru psychogallu 

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1 minute ago, Royal Nandamuri said:

Nijanga dandam pettali,harassment ki longakunda moreover 25C is like a lifetime earning even for people in higher positions. Danni reject cheyyatame kakunda facts open ga pressmeet lo present chestunnadu ante chala rare these days. 


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