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Kundabadalu health condition


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Om Shanthi!

YCP khathalo maro murder.


Dr. Sudhakar

Ee peddayana.

They will start targeting to kill this kind of good people through many ways.

Kondarini nariki champadam. Inkondarini pichi vallu ga chithrikarinchi champadam. Inkondarini insult chesi, sontha vallathone nammakunda chesi suicide cheskonela prerepinchi champadam.

Inkondarini baga kotti or accident chepinchi...still bathikithe, vallu health issues tho chanipovadam.

Bihar kanna darunam. 

Sorry for sidetracking to other point: thondarapadi YCP media, YouTube channels, TRS, BJP, etc media n media interviews chese pracharala nu NAMMAKANDI. Do not mis-trust and judge our own party people.

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