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33 minutes ago, Bolineni Tiger said:

Prasanth kihsore not only social media ki limited kadu .. election lo prathi point lo involve avuthadu ground level booth meetings daggaranunchi ,meetings,manifesto creation, surveying and everything just leader janallo unte chalu migatha strategy mottham vadide.

Feom day 1 Bt amd Natugadu almost equal to Pk , bt fans and admins didnt recognize... Hail Both...

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On 3/26/2021 at 12:10 PM, TDP_Abhimani said:

AP kanna bayakaramayena caste feeling....chaala parties caste based vuntaay...PMK anbumani ramdoss.....Seeman gadide oka caste party...

Adhe చబుతున్నా బ్రదర్. తేవర్స్, వన్నియార్స్ are very brutal in street fights and are numerically strong. Rewards తీసుకొన్న చేతిని నరికి పారేయగలరు. ఇప్పుడు AP lo upper castes ku oko party affiliation ఉంది. So parties don't support privileged. TN lo అలా కాదు.

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