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    baggie reacted to Andhrudu in Eyeopener for many   
    poor people/ Working class lo two types unnaru bro in AP society lo 
    ela maid jobs , ayalu , helpers job cheskune vallaki still Tuglaq is hero ..... vallu bagu padaru ....
    second group skilled working class 
    Tapi metri , painters , electricians , small time jobs in  hotels vallaki aithe mandipodutundi .....
    raising rates is biggest risk for YCP.
    me maid emundi meru time ki salary istaru , kompalo migilina curries biryanis tinesi haiga  RAJAKAJA ani song veskuni intikipothadi 
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    baggie reacted to Chandasasanudu in Mistakes which we are doing repeatedly   
    People are relying on govt is pedda boothu...post demo did not affect labor..mostly business people and no government is supporting businesses men..people became lazy due to too many comforts provided by government..if ur a farmer u would know ...how govt spoiled labor..if ur a businessman u would know how government is looting u to support schemes..people to be blamed end of the day..they get what they need 
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    baggie reacted to Uravakonda in నిజమా??   
    Abba, sai ram. Ee prabhutvam padi kalala paatu undu gaka.
    Ye CBN, musali..... ninnu choosthey bhoothule vasthayi. Govt teachers daggara ela work cheyinchukovaloo nerchukoo. Yenadaina sarayi amminchava panthulla daggara? Eedu soodu, componder job amend sesadu ee teachers ki. Adhi, evadini yaada pettaloo nerchukoo.
    Nee ---- lo siddhanthalu nuvvu...
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    baggie reacted to pavan s in kulaniki puttam anukoni vote veste ilaage untadi akka   
    yevadaina jagananna ni adukkovalasinde... be it vizag gas leak victims, amaravathi victims, govt employees, volunteeers, paramedical staff, ration dealers, kula group leaders like pk & mudragada.. who ever it is.. they can only beg and suck jagan's d**k.. 
    repent cheste g** pagilipoddi... 
    thats why i like jagan... he is the right CM for the people of AP.. yekkada undalsina vallani akkada unchutadu..
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    baggie reacted to NTR_Sachin in DISGUSTED. HURT. BROKEN   
    Been a modi admirer for years but the way covid has been handled especially in the last 6 months has made me feel ashamed,disgusted beyond measure. 
    People are suffering so much,we doctors are suffering so much. Been getting close to 10 calls and numerous messages daily from extended family and friends in these last few months for beds/medicines/other resources and now even for vaccination slots. Breaks my heart daily seeing so many people in pain and it's endless suffering with no end in sight cause it's beyond us to help everyone,it needs something bigger,much bigger,but there's no one.
    It's completely overwhelmed us,completely done us in and there's no one to look for,absolutely no one. so many colleagues from college days and seniors too have passed away and have left young families with nothing and there's no one for them. For 8 months before the turn of the year we had to re-use disposable masks too cause of acute shortage,now we have to beg everyone around us for vaccination for everyone we know and care,when did bloody something so basic as vaccination with so much buffer time to prepare become a privilege and not a basic necessity? Em desham sami idi,when we are xxxxxxx scared to even meet our parents or friends in months so as not infect them, how dare these politicians do rallies and how dare people in general leave all covid measures to god till it hit everyone hard in the last two months? Is the govt responsible - YES but are the public exempted - NEVER, we as people are as responsible for this catastrophe. Never forget that. 
    Hospital la roju body bags chustunte tears aagatle intikochaka,kanisam family ki kuda body ni muttukoni edavalani paristiti,direct ga smashanam ki teskelladam and akkada evaro body ni kaalchadam and manam dooram nunchi chudatam. This happened to my mom's friend,both her kids are in USA,both parents visited them for the daughter's pregnancy. One month after her grand  daughter was born, her husband alagadam start chesadu that he wants to come back india ki ani,entha try chesina vinakpothe koduku ticket book chesadu father ki and mother stayed back .ikkadiki ochina two weeks ki covid ochi he was admitted into the ICU,she came india ki urgent ga,ochina two days ki he passed away. Body ni daggarlo kuda she couldn't see and thanu dooram ga graveyard lo chustu undagane akkada unnavalle chithi pettaru,relatives Corona bhayam ani evadu ravatle,kids America la stuck,she told them not to come ikkadaki oste stuck avtaru ani vallu entha adigina. Next day graveyard nunchi she got a call ashes and bones collect cheskodaniki randi,lekapothe we'll dispose ani annaru,she was stunned and didn't know what to do,she was completely in shock,finally IAS evarthono cheppiste they gave locker facility akkada to keep for one month. She now is alone and when anyone calls her also she's not in any state to function with so much trauma.
    Idi janala paristiti ippudu,janalaki maryada ga ending kuda ivvaleni paristiti with peak corruption and non-regulation there too. It's one horror story after another.
    P.S- All people defending the indefensible please don't,it's been a disaster of epic proportions. Someone needs to pay for all this pain and all these lives. Manushula pranalakanna bochulo party affiliations or leader cults goppa kaadu. Only when we hold our own accountable,do we have a right to question our opposition. And our side screwed up,big time. Shame on us,all of us as citizens.
    I didn't post here for so many days kani after randomly visiting after many months and seeing some posts and how everyone is fighting for their side and going on ego trips, i wanted to write this,to tell you how it is on the ground . sorry if this offended anyone.
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    baggie reacted to OneAndOnlyMKC in Jaganaalu   
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    baggie reacted to OneAndOnlyMKC in Siddarth 😙   
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    baggie reacted to OneAndOnlyMKC in DEV KATTA 🔥🔥🔥   
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    baggie reacted to Siddhugwotham in Bengal exit polls   
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    baggie reacted to NBK NTR in Modiiii...Ohhh Modiiii...   
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    baggie reacted to Chandasasanudu in All credits to PK   
    2019 lo bjp support valla ysrcp gelichindi, EVM manipulation Inka apeyandi 
    focus on electioneering 
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    baggie reacted to gaddamhemanth in Tirupati Results   
    tpt lo 35K to 40K balija votes unnayi, avi BJP ki padaledhu ante PK gaadu TDP office gate keeper ki kuda waste
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    baggie reacted to sskmaestro in 5 years in jail   
    master stroke by Modi.... this way he is forcing reverse brain drain to India and India will become super power by 2023
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    baggie reacted to ntrrules7 in Do you dare do this Modi ?   
    Next tym if tdp makes alliance with BJP , will skip voting tdp also
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    baggie reacted to Chandasasanudu in Jaggadi vidya deevena , vasathi deevena   
    It’s politics..u should know how to play..he is doing well
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    baggie reacted to akhil ch in Respect 🙏🙏   
    Remember his name. His name is Narayan Dabhadkar. 👇 Won’t make it to TIME magazine cover !!
    “He is the 85 year old man who gave away his reserved hospital bed to a younger man stating he has lived his life ” 
    He quietly went home and passed away later.
    Om Shanti 🙏 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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    baggie reacted to naresh1243 in Determined to help India -Biden   
    Monthly once ma**kibaath ... daily once aathnibbaar....hourly once twitter lo Sollu...
    Anthe na...inkedina useful thing's unda bro
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    baggie reacted to Chandasasanudu in Pat Cummins donated 50k usd   
    Savata pm ki enduku edanna hospital ki ichina better ga undedi 
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    baggie reacted to JVC in Aayanni chustunnatte undi   
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    baggie got a reaction from Nandamurian in sabbam hari critical   
    Visa gadu amitsha pothe desaniki pattina daridram vadilinatte
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    baggie reacted to akhil ch in First wave attributed to muslim gathering   
    Buradha lo pandhiii. Photoshoot ki pose ichevadu iddaru okate
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    baggie reacted to krish2015 in Amresh puri   
    He diplomatically apologized, but what he did is not a mistake but simply exposed failures of pakodi.
    In case aaa live telecasteee thappu aitheee inka eee desam lo nijalu eppatiki bayataki ravu. failures anni paid social media team coverup chesestharu  
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    baggie reacted to BalayyaTarak in Amresh puri