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  1. Two must dos for tdp: Social media loo baaga presence peragaali Local Leadership prune avvali
  2. perfectly summarized.... CBN and lokesh needs personailty development coaches rather for party. And also article lo cheppinattu zipcode caste targetting anedhi highly possible. So step 1 is doing wat they are already doing and building tdp brand on top of it
  3. He mentioned in several interviews how ycp was succesful in propaganda thru youtube channels...before 2019 and even now... What should be the approach of a opposition party to tackle this? Forget about people, leaders are scared to fight with jagan unlike him. What does he suggest to opposition party or anyone to fight? How this dynamic can be changed? Default ga janalki teliiyatam kaakunda....What are the baby steps need to be taken according to him?
  4. Manam choodakundaanee akkada 1lakh people dhaaka choosaaru... Inkoo 2 lakhs choosthaaru... Remember that vallaloo neutrals kooda untaaru...thelisi influence avuthaaru, theliyaka kooda influence avuthaaru comedy undhi kaabaatii.... May be we can discuss how to stop that guy or wat tdp party can do to overcome wrong impression
  5. ya definitely good for info purpose...that they are tracking us.. but wat happens is when a neutral person sees it, he might think its true and perspective change avudhi...especially caste related comments....
  6. hide hate comments ASAP... see if there is option to set filters... and approve if needed
  7. And congratulations & all the very best for your venture bro!
  8. dats too much time.... nice.....in action edokati start ayithe fast gaa
  9. generally asking, oka 1-2 years nundi MoU lu sign chesthunnaru, ilaa industries peru vintunnamu. How long it will take to materialize? Heard some news about VIT etc eductional instituions at amaravathi & establishing it as educational hub which is the best option to develop. But rough ga enni years pattudhi oka university or industry padi konchem economy boost manaki kanapadataanki?
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