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  1. 3 minutes ago, Sunny@CBN said:

    Take in to consideration the family of those who lost pension. They will be financially affected and you can't expect all senior citizens to die within 2.5 years...

    I think he mean is pension tho votes kuda lepestaru antunnaru emo

  2. 22 minutes ago, BalayyaTarak said:

    Ok got it 

    running dealership with single model for longtime will be a problem, chudali Jeep has a lot of modela in other countries evanna launch chesthe will definitely pull the market 

    One thing they need to make sure is not to deteriorate their brand value by competing with Thar kind of, need to stay niche 

    Kia Hyundai antey they concentrate on features over other aspects which other global brands can't do 

    Mana country koda safety norms strict chesthe like NCAP automatic ga andaru oka lineloki vastaru

    Quality ante MS cars first Assam batch lo vuntayee  

  3. 1 hour ago, naresh1243 said:

    Ford customers main quality safety consider chesthaaru within budget lo.....ippudu oly alternative Tata ye...vaademo every 6 months ki price penchuthunnaadu... choodali em avtado... But once ford use chesaka...maruti Hyundai mokam kooda choodaru



    Quality vishyam lo MS gurinchi cheppakandi…..horrible quality le….hearing Kia kuda quality better ga emi ledu antunnaru…..

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