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  1. http://www.loyolapolytechnic.co.in

    Eee Website chesindi nene bro.  Few days back visit chesaanu college ni... vaallu memu dynamic gaa change chesukovaali LATEST NEWS & EVENTS Marquee ni adigaaru.  Adi chesi ichaanu.  Ichina marukshanam idi naa kalla munde type chesi vadilaadu Principal...about job drive of KIA MOTORS.


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    2. chsrk


      now it is opened....

      awesome ....I never knew that you create websites....may be someday if any of my friends wants to create websites for their business...i will better contact you...buy the way how much do u charge for it?


    3. Npower
    4. Npower


      Static Websites designing with Web Hosting around 10k bro (INR).

      Dynamic Websites depends on the work scope.

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