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  1. Nenu ninnu silly fellow analaaa…… erri navvulu navvalaaa……. Mooskoni koorchovaaali analaaa….. Nee character gurinchi pin point seyyalaaa….. now tell me did you reply in my language ? Show me where I quoted you in this tone….. mareee just out of college lekka unnav Chintu…. Sorry Tinku….!
  2. So Gaint Red wave Raakundaaa bhanga paddaru Dump fans…. But Dump used his diversion tactics and went ahead to announce his presidency run!
  3. Nenu US nunchi vachaaaka protest chesta for sure! Mundu local fellow vi kadaaa nuvvu cheyyi bro…. Proud vizagite kadaaaa
  4. CBN road shows ki crowd vastunnaru antey…. That means local TDP leaders are working. Don’t read beyond this!
  5. wake up man! We love your city and you people. Entire state will be behind you guys. Show some spirit!
  6. Suman TV first nunchee kooda high budget channel. He should be a binami of some YCP guy. Oka photographer ki antha maintain chesey scene undadu…
  7. Mr Tinku…. I have my childhood in Vizag. I am also connected to this beautiful city. I put this in the context of destruction happening to the city I love. You are taking things in a wrong way! Again, go get some rest and relief!
  8. Anni verri navvulu navvukuntunnav…. Enduku antha poduchukostondi ? Comedy chestaaandi nuvvu! Vizag pride gurinchi matlaadithe enduku kaaalutondi ? Prateeedi personal ga teeskuntunnav…. Get some relief!
  9. GOP lo oka section mottam pothe kaaani baagupadadu….. he filled GOP with ultra nationalism, eccentric ideology, extreme right wing racism etc… poyi poyi veeedi Bhajana chestaaaru oka batch GOP lo…. It amuses me! They behave like politicians of a third world country!!
  10. DB dump fans ki Malli elections lo gattiga padithe kaaani eyes open avvavemo….
  11. Thanks ra Naaagi…! You got this certified by KVP!
  12. There is nothing poking here. Vizag people always thigh slap saying about Vizag pride. Rishi konda ki dippa cutting kottinaaa silent ga unnaru….. I am not talking about on road protest. SM lo kooda no protests or trending. Silent in all possible ways. Emanna antey TDP ki ekkuva vote esaaaru antaaaaru….. matter TDP or YCP ani kaaaduga…… where is your pride yaaa ? instead of arguing, Atleast agree that people are not caring Rishi Konda. That would be a respectable submission.
  13. ABN…. PRP folks attacked ABN office after that news
  14. Janda peekestaaadu ani esindi kooda ABN eh…. He does both…..
  15. Not needed bro….. AP lo BJP oka aaath poook party. No one cares! the must-do action item is to make sure we have state wide activities from TDP. That’s missing from 2019. edho oka area lo leaders react avvadam tappa no statewide actions. mundu ah spokespersons mathramey matlaadaaali aney concept pakkana pettali…. Atleast one day per week, all leaders should come out and do some activity against govt….
  16. Dump gaadi mundu evadu pedda edava undadugaaa bro…. Ah angle anuko…
  17. iDream, Suman TV inkaa chaaala unnayi….. all are YCP funded and founded channels!
  18. so did Modi follow that custom? Did he introduce I am so and so ? this is not RSS meet right ? This is BJP meet!
  19. One more defeat and Trump will be Dumped by GOP core batch. He will be presidential candidate for next election and it’s his mouth that will defeat him. it’s good for GOP in a way. That eccentric extreme right wing senseless batch will be shown door!
  20. He don’t touch Reddys….. that’s the ploy TDP should use. Use Reddys to target Jaffa…. Appudu silent avtaaadu. Find reddy leaders and use them against him. If they are women, added advantage!
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