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  1. One more video….. one more angle….. public memory is short ani prove chestundi today….
  2. our video got shared to ABN sources 😉
  3. Judgements meeda discuss cheyochu as per right for free speech…. But you cannot malign the judges in the name of free speech
  4. Asalu ilanti crimes ni enduku vadulutondi EC ? 1. They couldn’t prevent 2. They couldn’t apply tough cases on the people who registered fake votes. inkenduku EC?
  5. Don’t start that topic….. mundu orange undi tarvatha yellow undi ani page lu page lu raasi…. Links tho saavagodataaadu…..
  6. Vaadi targets vaaadiki untaaayi…… janaaalu mareee over react avtunnaru….
  7. There are many malicious things in our culture. (Ofcourse every culture is like that) and we got progressed only due to progressive minds!
  8. Antha easy kaaadu le….. now PK is also with us.
  9. There are multiple things here…. YCP will call the shots unfortunately. 1. taking CBN into CBI custody. Ofcourse, this matter will end up into Supreme Court 2. arresting Lokesh and Aachen Naidu in same sections. It’s straight fwd for them as lower court will be given the reference of CBN example and will ask court to do the same for the other two. 3. Resolving govt when these 3 folks are in jail and cannot come out. 4. Silently double and triple the fake votes. 5. make public engaged to their analysts in YouTube.
  10. Where is so called Seema Tiger and oora mass leader Paritala sriram ? Ekkada news raaledu…..
  11. Link plz…. Want to download and save this…
  12. Akkaaaa…… Nee korika neraveraaaalaaa…… naaa asthulu ammainaaa neeku runam chellinchukuntaaa
  13. TDP leaders are worst to the core…. Too much attitude and inertia
  14. One of my distant relatives….. intlo pechi petti cricket adataaniki elladu. Ball testis ki tagilindi….. he didn’t tell this at home due to fear. Finally the swelling persisted and resulted in removal of both the testis. parents should be communicating more with kids….
  15. Very scary things to notice here…. issue is not dogs. 1. the child didn’t tell to anyone. Which means there is oppression in home. He couldn’t even share this due to fear. Lot of us faced such things in childhood. Parents tidataaru or kodataaru ani cheppe vallam kaadu 2. he applied haldi and kept silent. Those WhatsApp university batch should be blamed for this mis-information. And also, most of the turmeric in India is adultered with chemicals and colors. talk to your kids and make sure they are not hiding anything. A lesson to be learnt from this incident.
  16. Madrasa verses lo first part and first line lo…. Canada paripomannaru le…..
  17. Adhenti…… haldi rasthey Eric anti infection ayinaa taggutundi ani Mee sanaatana santha propaganda chesindigaa…..
  18. Pro TDP votes ni Revanth pull cheyochu….. pro YCP aka hard core reddy votes will sail with INC as reddy consolidation is going on
  19. Anthala emi undadu…. It’s just time pass for them.
  20. What is definition of sanaatana dharmam? Those who support or oppose, doesn’t know the definition, but take sides!
  21. KCR gadu elli Sonia legs meeda padataaadu public ga avasaram ayithe….
  22. Politics are completely different, people mood and “forces” will change dynamics. Reddys have no power for 10 years in TS and this will be a motive to join forces. Public mood kooda plus ayithe things will fall in place for them
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