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  1. Nee takakaaaay….. corporate sectors can ban unions anytime. Mallaaa nuvvu peeeda pedda degree lu pettukodam….. comedy of the decade!
  2. Oho….. how many private companies have unions compared to govt ? Btw corporates can ban unions any time….. ivanneee teleekundaaa nuvvu matladatannaaav……
  3. Neeku govt job ki private job ki teda teleedaaa?
  4. private lo unions endi nee talakaaay…… nuvvu union form cheyyi poyi me kulapollani teeskelli if it is allowed?
  5. Guys why are you making unnecessary fuss on private reservations ? work cheyyakapothe evarinaina tesestaaaru EOD. jobs achieved through private reservation is not permanent job like govt jobs govt sector lo reservations are real harm than private sector reservations.
  6. He is working with BJP in the background…. Lot of dots to connect
  7. TDP didn’t handle him properly. Ah Moggalo BJP ki anni seats ichi ilanti candidate nunchi seat lakkotam darunam. we never learn!
  8. Hannah Ellis-Petersen, Aakash Hassan and Shah Meer Baloch balochistan batch ah
  9. Jail antha drama…… Parliment elections ayyaka case cold storage loki potundi as usual….
  10. Family mottam dinner ki kurchonedi eeyana news kosam….. I used to wait until last to hear about sports or weather
  11. sskmaestro

    Puran Aunty

    CS and DGP ni lepakapothe ivanni just eye wash annattu
  12. Akkada WC ki poster boys kinda Rohit and Kohli ni use chestunnaru….. money overtakes all talent ani prove avtundi again…. If Rohit and Kohli don’t play this WC, stadiums half empty ayyi utter flop avtundi…. expanding to North America is super important than ever given the no of picha Indians here who will buy costly tickets and watch the game…… #moneyMattersInSportAfterAll
  13. Hardhik gadu IPL complete aadataaadu…. Later on WC lo Malli break down avtaaadu….. somehow lost respect on this guy.
  14. Slowly we should have below plan. as 20-20 WC happens every 2 years. Blindly pick the players who performed back to back in 2 IPLs before the WC. that way, the inform and fresh legs will be fielded for the WC. And IPL will have full meaning.
  15. After Dhoni became colonel I think….. before 2011 WC ? May be I am wrong
  16. 1999 and 2019 lo Pakistan ni choopinchi gelicharu…. 2004 and 2024 will be same!
  17. 12 MLAs joining…. Already 2 joined. So count is 14. need 12 more. but, I prefer Revanth going to bi elections for these seats if INC performs super duper in MP elections
  18. He he…. 2019 lo manam Pakistan peru cheppi gelisaaam….. adi cheppavugaaa
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