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  1. I respect politics politicians and their followers. But not people like Trump, Jagan and their followers!
  2. Aaaaath…… our next HM anukunta….
  3. You started with a beautiful assumption. People like Jagan and Adani are scums to the society. Unethical growth by brutal use of power.
  4. He finally took 5th amendment…… what a clown he is! And all his fans are nothing but Clown A$$ lickers!
  5. Smooth ga run avvadam antey….. ekamgaaa pradaaaani PR giri seyyatamaaa ?
  6. Enduku annai intha polished words ? They are turning more like Russian Oligarchs!
  7. Next govt maarithe Adani gaaadi meeda enni vastayoooo
  8. Endhi intha pedda international news ni manodu inkaa cover cheyyaledu ? A bad day in all aspects ?
  9. e binary cutting maaanithe manchidi…..
  10. No thread so far….. reverse lo scene untey matuku muthaaa antaaa digutaaaru….
  11. Antey per year 2 cr jobs antiri kadaaa….. so from 2014-2022, almost 16 Cr jobs meeda data ivvandi…..
  12. Akkada 100+ seats and BJP ki max below 10 leaders unnaru…. Chooddam….
  13. Once or twice ilanti panulu chesthey vache chances takkuva….. looks like habitual for these guys….
  14. He he….. expecting too much from our party…..
  15. Shhhh Mega ni lepadam endhi ? Mind pothondaaaa janaaalaki ? Eppatiki 3 N ladies ni target chesaaaru…… now it will become a habitual thing for them to attack, N family to remain silent, our cadre to be like this……
  16. Sri Reddy edo tittindi ani….. Pawala gaaadu and his fans racha lepaaaru….. just imagine if YCP targets any women from Mega family. Direct physical attacks jarugutaaayi as a retort. Manam emo silent ga untunnam….. endho politics….
  17. RRR ki pandaga……. This goranta guy threatened to eliminate him in Parliment…..
  18. Idupulapaya lo pani manishi anukunta….
  19. Mistake is from N family….. first it started with Brahmini (pink diamond) and later diverted to Bhuvaneswari garu…. Now it got to even lower level….. why should the family tolerate these thugs ? Isn’t there other ways (legal or force) to tackle these guys ?
  20. Country debt vellakunda untey chaaalu uncle (5 trillion USD)
  21. Antey meeru promise chesina Swiss bank money = ED raids chesina money….. abboooo
  22. Deepest condolences for your time pass things!
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