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  1. Pakistan team lo poti padi maree kilos lekka mutton laagistunnaru ani Wasim Akram left and right ichaaadu…… that’s their problem reality…..
  2. Panauti meaning is one of the top searched in Google 🤣🤣
  3. https://x.com/INCIndia/status/1726902978123026649?s=20
  4. Veedi live arguments definitely jaati ratnaalu climax scene lekka untaayi…. Don’t miss
  5. Ah candidate full boothulu tho videos chese vaaadu….. expected this to happen.
  6. Injury prone Hardhik kakunda just 2 more pacers ?
  7. Tappadugaaa…… we are a team for the channel. Nenu chalasani tho chandas emo KS Prasthanam tho chesaaam….. ofcourse…. Both of us not doing with them anymore….
  8. sskmaestro


    It’s time to retrospect. This year, we had two ICC final losses. How did Jadeja perform in those two finals ? He was chosen ahead of Ashwin in both these cases. As a bowler and as a batter, he is not contributing in knockout situations. in regular games, he is definitely a gem of a player who gives his 100% in all three departments. But come knockouts, he is bum!
  9. KL didn’t have reliable partners. Kohli and KL partnership was crucial or else we would have all out for 96 or 112 etc., this is not excuse, but reality.
  10. We worked with him, but I never liked him.
  11. To be honest….. 83 lo Kapil catch Nenu choodaledu kaani….. 2023 lo Travis head catch choosanu….
  12. Second half lo dew valla ball skid ayyi will be easy to batting. Thats why Shami and Bumra went for runs. Ah dagulbaji air show valla kooda excessive dew ki chances unnayi….. air show antey purely atmosphere lo fuel dump chestaaru….. that will has excessive dew or early dew effects…..
  13. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CzySRzwyzue/?igshid=ODhhZWM5NmIwOQ==
  14. Unnecessary aggression from Rohit killed this final. Head laaaga century kottevaadu….. I felt 2003 lo ponting laaga century loading anukunnaa…… but he poured cold water…..
  15. Kolkata semi final lo pitch spin ayindi….. 211 target ayinaaa SA spinners managed to make Aussies sweat for the victory. e daridrudu Katrina stadium lo tracks are utter bad….. asalu WC final ki ee stadium….. endole….
  16. Musti L son gaaadu……. Desaniki pattina seni…..
  17. Clear failure in captaincy for this final. if you want to open with Shami and Bumra, you could have taken Ashwin as third spinner. no proactive field placements and one over spells.
  18. I am talking about the impact not the trajectory….. in realtime it felt like utter plumb…. May be smith’s extravagant movement caused that illusion….
  19. In real time it looked plumb…. Have my doubts on this DRS
  20. Head and Alludu Maxwell unnaru inkaaa
  21. Hee heee…… RSS ah…… avasaram ledu le bro….. it lost its charm. NDA1 time lo RSS has some value when it opposed the “vyakti pooja” in the name of Loha purush and Vikas purush campaign. Now it’s all filled with Bah Bah Sheeps!
  22. These people manage black to white conversion at high scale. Vizag kanna HYD lo business ekkuva untundi
  23. 211 ki semis lo SA gave touch fight. If not for the drop chances, SA would have been in semis. If India manages to play full 50 overs and scrap through, game ON with the ball.
  24. We only have sky and Jadeja left. So this pair should play next 20-25 overs. So expect some slow down…. They should eye 100+ partnership first
  25. Pitch slowed down or Aus bowling as per their planning/match-ups
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