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  1. 22 minutes ago, Yaswanth526 said:

    Still economy is their first priority so Trump will fancy his chances

    Economy is never his priority….. he didn’t kill the economy like Jagan. Corporate tax incentives ani sollu cheppadu…. Cut chesthe by the end of his term, unemployment peaks ki poyindi….. I respect Republican Party values…. But Dump is bulldozing GOP and spreading bull crap! 

  2. 17 minutes ago, Yaswanth526 said:

    No one can stop Trump as GOP presidential candidate 2024

    With Biden 54% disapproval rating the red wave will breach the blue wall again

    Vaadini arrest chesi lopala esukondi. All the best biden and democrats

    US will go for dogs! Dump gaadi psychopath fans are treating his above law! That’s not good for any country! 

  3. 40 minutes ago, ravindras said:

    He gave perfect solution to counter climate change. Don't worry about climate change. You have to strengthen your body to tolerate climate change. 

    I like modi confidence, expressions, body language while answering question. If listener is naive he will trust modi answer.

    Claps, deep jalaanaaa blah blah

  4. 8 hours ago, ravindras said:

    ee celebrations kosam saturday tirupati lo traffic ni aapesaaru . railway station ki velle auto aagipoyindhi. maa cousin family small kids, luggage tho 1.5 km nadichi velli train ekkaaru. 

    ennaallu ee panikimalina speeches tho janaalni mabhyapedathaaru. unnecessary hadavidi tho janaalanu ibbandhi pettakandi. panikoche panulu cheyyandi.

    We have to go with the majority decisions annai…. Manaki guchukunnaaaa “abbbaaaa” anakoodadu…. Entainaaa desam kosam….. dharmam kosam kadaaa!

  5. 1 hour ago, ravindras said:

    jail ki vellaaaka  assembly rowdy laa president ki contest chesthaadaa?

    Anta scene illio….. Hillary Clinton ni presidential race lo eskunnadu….. acid washed her server ani….. eeediki and eedi supporters ki nijamga asuddha bhakshakulu…. 

  6. 10 hours ago, TDP_Abhimani said:

    YCP eddy mandaike saryena medicine….take this issue nationally….vere state MP tho parliament lo raise cheyali….National media lo debates pettali…..Calm ga vunte denni  caste based ga teesukune veltunaaru….TDP should give it back!!!

    Pakkane inko Telugu state lo Pushpam party Loksabha members em peekutunnaru ? Gundulu eskoni kursovadam kaaadu….. ilantivi silent ga die down ayye varaku gupchup!

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