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  1. 4 minutes ago, eNterTaineR said:

    When you change a successful captain, backlash is expected. If backlash is the reason for his individual performance, he should have given more thought about accepting the job. Next season gaani rohit mumbai ni odilesthe team is done for real in near future. 

    Few things here…… Gujarat fans owned him last season as he is gujarati…. Title gelisaadu and was on a high….


    cut chesthey, he was given good run as 20-20 captain for India. Tilak Varma ki maiden 50 deny chesi veedu winning shot kotti celebrations cheskunnadu as a captain…… appudu baaaga negative ayyadu….. 50 over WC lo injure ayyi inkaaa ekkuva negative ayyadu….. he never gets injured middle of IPL…. 

    Gujarat titans vadilesi MI ki raavatam (not needed as he is IPL winning captain for Gujarat for 2023 IPL) and that too successful captain Rohit ni replace cheyyatam….. Hardhik Pandya kaakunda vere evariki MI captaincy ichinaaa intha backlash vachedi kaaadu

  2. 21 hours ago, NatuGadu said:

    Adhe ardham kavatalla... 

    Management ni anakunda eedi mida paddaru

    eedu and Jadeja Players gaa good.. kohli and rohit enni matches gelipincharo. Vellu anthakantee ekkuva matches gelipinchaaru but recognition raadhu

    Ika apeyyi….. 

  3. 21 hours ago, CinemaLover said:

    Why is there hatred on Pandya? Is that because of captaincy shift from Rohit or failure as a player?

    His attitude on field…. Vaadu captain kabatti opening bowling chestaadu….. and also, he denied tilak Varma to score a 50 in a 20-20 intl under his captaincy…. 

    and also, he plays IPL perfectly and gets injured in crucial time for Intl matches…. All these added up negativity on him…. 

    Rohit captaincy shifts like rubbing salt on wound!

  4. 6 minutes ago, KING007 said:

    DB lo vediki seperate fan base undi ga, kapil ni minchipoyina all rounder ani 😂 😆 

    Talent wise he is special…..  but his attitude and over confidence killed him as a player….. captaincy material kaadu veedu….. kaaani Gujju Maafia is backing him 

  5. 5 hours ago, Telugunadu said:

    Personally not interested. Fans pressure valla big hero is forcing.

    Better to leave the kid alone and let him lead his life his own way.


    Kid hevaru?

  6. 1 minute ago, Bleed_Blue said:

    ellemma asala em anukuntunaru vellu vella gurinchi

    They are citizens le…… arrest and 10k bail bond meeda vachestaru….. worst case edo oka ground level job cheskuntaru for few years and come back again after getting this cleared from their record….

  7. So only Iran lost money and Israel didn’t lose a penny while intercepting ? 

    emanna sides teeskuntunnara mana Pishpi batch….. 300+ missiles and drones ni intercept seyyataniki pette effort kuda financially equal if not more that that untundi….. 

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