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  1. 12 hours ago, Naresh_NTR said:

    Atleast they provided truck.. nethina pettukoni moskoni pondi anakunda


    12 hours ago, Naresh_NTR said:

    Ilanti vere country tours ki karchu veelle.pettukuntara like.hotels, food etc.. ledha host country pettukuntundha...

    Thats wrong. If they can’t provided basic things like this, why they sent “invitations” letters for Visa clearance ? This will be bad precedence 

  2. 1 hour ago, akhil ch said:

    BJP untene BRS Kali avudi. Inc unte or tdp unte kadu. CBN mokham Telangana lo kanipinchina ventane ade oxygen brs ki ipudu. Opigga undevadu untadu ledu ghmc lo contest chesta ante Inc ki poddi. Brs Kali ayyakane ravali 

    Govt lo unnappudu GHMC kottadam easy. BRS ki Eppudu opposition lo vellaka GHMC chala kastam 

  3. 2 minutes ago, akhil ch said:

    Enduku undali. Sambandhame Lekunda tittista untunte sannasi na kodukulu ... 

    hmm….. this is SM world Akhil. Deepam undagaaane illu chakka bettali….. 


    topic heat lo unna time lo views cash cheskovaali……. So don’t fall into this trap. Just enjoy 

  4. 7 hours ago, Sunny@CBN said:

    BJP will try to ally with TRS and defeat congress. 2024 election lo congress MP seats minimize cheytame valla main aim. So TRS ki em problem undadu BJP tho.

    2024 MP election tarvata untadi vallaki.

    KA lo BJP + JDS alliance will backfire.  Same will happen in TS if BJP and BRS goes for pre poll alliance. Cake walk ayyiddi congress ki….. 

  5. 6 minutes ago, chanu@ntrfan said:

    With KTR pressmeet.............Congress ki 58 vachina...........TRS siggulekunda BJP tho kalisi govt. form chestundi............

    Slide antu start ayithe ekkadiko dekutaaaru….. hung eppudu vastundi ? When people in govt did great things along with strong opposition standing by the public…. 

    great things emi seyyalaaa in last 5 years…. So result will be one sided 

  6. 17 hours ago, RKumar said:

    Government employees & teachers working against BRS?

    It's big shocking news.

    I was not able to find reasons last 1 week why more than half of employees not got postal ballots. KCR is afraid of employees votes.

    No salaries for them on 1st like AP?

    They are against govt….. health cards and some other issues…..

  7. Just now, Telugunadu said:

    Today's match. We dominated 38/40 overs. But, Australia won the match dominating last 2 overs. Just like that who does electioneering best in these 2 days will be the winner.

    My heart says INC, but mind says BRS.

    I am sticking with BRS just because of Electioneering advantage. Hope I am wrong.

    Raitu bandu ledugaa…. Last two days lo entha panchinaa….. there is no emotional thing now (like 2014 or 2018) 


    kaleswaram dent esindi…. Plus mouth talk will only get worsen….. 

  8. 1 minute ago, RamaSiddhu J said:

    Person 1: ( Maa Sontha Bava)

    He is Kukatpally Vivekananda Nagar Colony BJP Yuva Morcha Secretary.

    Now he is actively distributing money and campaigning for INC...( lol)..after effects of CBN Arrest.

    Person 2: ( My Classmate in HCU)

    He is from Suryapet. Hard core TG fellow. His sister is BRS sarpanch. BRS candidate Power Minister Jagadiswara Reddy followers. Two months back he was telling INC ki antha scene ledu..

    now he is telling INC all the way.

    Person 3: ( My Classmate in D.. Pharmacy)

    He is from warangal..

    palakurthy constituency..

    hard core Tgite...he is telling very tough for Yerrabelli...

    Parson 4: ( My Classmate In D.. Pharmacy)

    Ponguleti Srinu Anna Follower

    In 2014 what ever he said about TG elections it became true. He is telling United Khammam, Nalgonda,MBNGR, Ranga Reddy, Hyderabad INC sweep excluding MIM seats..


    After covering all four areas..

    My Prediction INC all the way..


    INC: 80+ 

    MIM: 6+

    TRS: 30+

    BJP and Others: 3+




    Anything above 70 will make road clear for Revanth pattabhishekam…. 

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