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  1. http://CIPL8.Blogspot.com - Watch IPL T20 Cricket Matches Live Online
  2. If u replace the 1st letter in the Movie Title with 'L', u will get the Hero's Character in it :)

  3. Upgraded to 3G, its faster than my office wifi :PNo more loading... Loading... Msgs on my mobile :)

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    2. Nandamuri Rulz

      Nandamuri Rulz

      yey yey!! inka spamming at peaks annamata

    3. NgTigeR


      3G unlimitedaa uncle??

      ee network meedi?

    4. NagaChaitanya


      Using Airtel 3G @ 2G Cost :)

  4. SriRamaRajyam MasterPiece. Balayya, Nayanatara, ANR & LavaKusa Action Superb. Ilayaraja music & Graphics highlight. Thanks 2 Bapu & Producer

  5. Watching Sri RamaRajyam :)

  6. Dhoni stop net practice & do Toss practice in home... Lost 7 in last 8 matches :(

  7. Idhi Rangulu maarche Oosaravelli kaadhu... Box Office recordulu thiragaraase Oosaravelli.Movie Hit, lock cheskondi :)

  8. If you don't have a sense of humor, then you might not have any sense at all.

  9. Worlds Best Feeling Comes When We see a Wonderful Question Paper in the Exam Hall & We Smile at Each Other Saying "DUDE, This one also gone"!

  10. Sehwag 319, Dravid 111Laxman 281, Dravid 180Sachin 186, Dravid 153Ganguly 183, Dravid 145For Every Indian Batsman's Career Best Innings they Need the WALL'S Help :)

    1. Jai Boyapati

      Jai Boyapati

      sachin highest score 200 nt 186


    2. Kiran
    3. vizag ntr

      vizag ntr

      dravid kodithey india vodipothondhi matches...iron leg dravid plz die

  11. "Team India in England"Bowling lo Pasa ledu...Batting lo Kasi ledu...Fielding lo Churukudanam ledu.Ayina Buddi lekunda roju match Chustunna naku Siggu ledu :(

  12. Dravid back in the India ODI side after 2 years :)

    1. vizag ntr

      vizag ntr

      12th man dravid rockzzzz


    2. knaga18


      sachin water boy in england series


  13. Thuduchukunte pothundi anukunte nootiki thombai thomidi sarulu thuduchukovataniki Nenu ready... Kani Nene pothanu anukunte mundu Nuvvu pothav :)

  14. Happy Birthday "NATASIMHAM" BALAYYA :) The Unique hero in tollywood who is Suitable & can perform any kind of roles in the current era.

    1. vizag ntr

      vizag ntr


  15. Its my birthday today & also NTR's Marriage. I wish u a Happy Married life @tarak9999

  16. When i was child, i was afraid to show my Report card :( Years passed by, now my parents are afraid 2 see it :)

  17. One of my favorite quote "Born intelligent, But Education ruined me" ;)

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