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Another pretty clear case for South to worry

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Modi killed South India's any chances of Financial sector growth by giving GIFT city 100% all tax exemptions....

Now started a outright partiality of SOUTH India's manufacturing progress...Not even single project in SOUTH progressing except talk when compared to WEST...


Chennai-Vizag,Chennai-Bangalor corridors were also UPA proposals along with Delhi-Mumbai corridor.

UPA govt report highlighted fact that there is shortage in India EAST COAST ports&industrial zones as more IMPORT/EXPORT happening towards EAST. "Look East" became slogan for world with ASIA tigers(China,Malaysia,Japan,Taiwan e.t.c) becoming new world hubs.


- PM never had single meeting as prime Minister on chennai-Vizag,chennai-Bangalore corridors and did not even care except ministers doing some talk here and there

- But PM spent all his power&time to personally  in getting financial loans for GUjarat corridor/Cities part Delhi-Mumbai

- Modi took ALL foreign Prime Minister&Presidents to this corridor and asked them to invest there...Even made MOU's with CHina for MEGA TWO industrial zones there

- Dholera 950 sq New city with support for all support but not 1/4 of city which is AP capital...YOu support 5 lakh crore Dholera but make fun of 5 crore people capital!!!


Why Chennai-Vizag is state LOAN vs Center GRATNS for major works in Delhi-MUmbai corridor?


Why at the loss of Nation EAST coast corridor is kept in freezer except few showoffs here&there?

Where chennai-Vizag, Chennai-Baganlore is just on papers and vs Gujarat corridor getting all projects from center





SIX lakh cores of works in-progress/started/cleared in the below stretch of WEST COAST.......27,000 crores convention center.....930 sq KM new city, 10 new MEGA Industrial zones...

Modi is making sure NORTH/CENTRAL India will use Gujarat ports for any business and NOT EAST COAST ports.

Modi cleared Ahmadabad-Nagaland NEW EXPRESS WAY with main purpose of those states on the way do their business in Gujarat ports.

Why central states that are close to EAST coast not connected and not even single road major project?

Why no new Express way planned to any of EAST ports from Hyderabad e.t.c? Why EXPRESS to WEST ports from Hyderabad when EAST is so close?

Why central state coals are also imported from Gujarat ports when they are close to EAST and coal coming from EAST(Australia,Malaysia)?









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