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  1. Matter leni buss post vesavu as usual. 😂
  2. but lobbying worked in 2020 to sell those enire operations to adani naa...ki ki whatsapp group lo inka raaledu anukunta ela twist seyali ee railway sale anedi. 😁
  3. Trains ni sudden ga privatisation enduku sesthunnado meeku ee short video susthe artham avuthundi. close ga chudandi. adani ane labels kanabadathayi anni wagons meeda..😂😁
  4. ఆంధ్ర ప్రజలను దుర్మార్గం నుండి కాపాడిన Bell 430. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_430
  5. KCR KTR corona handling gaaliki vodilesaru ani ippudu direct ga Harish ki direct ga apollo hospital lo bed kosam oka journalist siddireddy srinivas request.
  6. eevadani monne anukunna aa bithiri sathi ni aa KCR media peekesinappudu. TDP ni anavasarma ga ghoram ga thittina vallu evaru nilavaledu. arun jaitley kani YSR gani evaraina sari. Bithiri sathi time vochindi poyadu intiki. idi ippudu. anavasam ga andhra vallani kuda thittindi. aa Reventh ni kuda just 1 year back ededo thittindi. .anduke noru paaresukokudadu. i can also feel sorry for her. but blind ga KCR ni support sesindi. ippudu anubhavisthondi chusthu undandi. next KCR ki untadi. aa next Modi and BJP ki untadi.
  7. Adani wants stake in Mumbai Airport. GVK did not agree. So GVK pai CBI Case. b0di XXXXX politics ilage untayi. Locked in a corporate battle with Adani, GVK Group booked by CBI over alleged Rs 805 cr MIAL corruption case http://www.millenniumpost.in/big-stories/locked-in-a-corporate-battle-with-adani-gvk-group-booked-by-cbi-over-alleged-rs-805-cr-mial-corruption-case-411604 New Delhi: Locked in a fierce legal battle with Adani Properties over acquiring a 13.5 per cent stake in the Joint Venture Company that runs Mumbai International Airport Limited, GVK Group has now suddenly been booked by the CBI in an alleged corruption case involving the misappropriation of over Rs 805 crore of funds belonging to the public exchequer by way of alleged bogus deals and expense inflation. https://www.bloombergquint.com/business/battle-for-mial-arbitration-tribunal-restrains-adanis-from-buying-bidvest-stake
  8. Ok good luck. You don't need to bring CBN name here. That's what i asked you first. This is MODI administration and local state whre CBN no way associated. No need to bring his name. US lo GM company motham one big plant ni close sesi 8000 people ni lay off sesi Mexico ki move sestham ante Trump immediately jumped into action and made GM change their mind with few incentives. Cheyali anukunte PM enni ayina cheyavachu. But he don't . He only spends money on buying MLAs from congress and form govt in MP, KA etc. states. I never intend to hurt you. since you brought CBN name i told you that. All andha bhakths use CBN name and 23 number to always defend themselves in every topic. That's why i assumed you MODI bhakt. anyway good luck.
  9. nee daggara ledane antondi. why andha bakth laaga everyday same matterless posts vesthavu brother. 😂
  10. ee Laws emi pattavu. ee corporate ayithe BJP ki donate sesthado vallaku ee laws emi apply avvavu. okavela donate seyakapothe CBI Raids, ED raids, IT raids. Telisinde ga.
  11. what did Manmohan Singh did when Satyam laying off 25000 People. Same thing i expect Modi atleast try rather than wearing 5 lac suit and sitting with stone face. If you can't defend your MODI without bringing CBN name, you can ignore comments atleast. Please don't compare that fraud MODI with CBN. I know CBN would't sit silently with stone face. He will atleast try to persuade CTS to keep them. I can say this as he gave paying 60% contribution for EPF to HCL employees who are hired from AP to work in bezawada.
  12. in CBN duration, any IT company laid off 18000 employees?
  13. Only one question to You. why bring CBN name here? can't you write your answer without his name?