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  1. brother. nenu ekkada seppa agrigold vallaki help seyyodu ani. i was saying Lokesh first priority every morning is to track this case and do whatever it takes to help those victims. Sell all of the available company properties and return money to victims ASAP. Also if there is any return money gap then Govt. should fill that GAP. Lokesh first prority should be this one. who cares how many industries came, how much funds came from centre, how much economy growing. None. throw cash, freebies, gifts, arrange caste meetings, sponsor beer for youth, pour liqor whoever asks, build a strategy to pull stong opponents into party, buy caste leaders etc. Do whatever it takes to come back into power. Next 6 months ide undali. No more foreign tours, No more industries, No more IAS officers meeting, No more behaving like company CEO. 😀
  2. no cash given to them in any form.. So their igo is not satisfied. their aakul are angry.
  3. Kams + Reddies = Kaddies.
  4. not every one is getting benefit. lot of BCs and Kaddies are left out from welfare scheme. if CBN does't wake up it will be too late.
  5. Ippudu baaga ayindi le lokesh ki. Daily industries ias meetings ani kurchuntadu. Morning morning lesthane ittanti communal and sensitive issues meeda work chesi balance maintain kuda seyyaleka pothunnadu. Asalu evadiki kavali development . Evadu chudadu enni industries thechavu ani. Ilantive vallu adigedi. Kaneesam ee issue ni sentimental ga YCP meeda divert seyyaleda? 😓
  6. Akkada local mlas mps evadidi ayina kudavaka poyaru intha jaruguthunte. Vattalu leva ee mlas ki mps ki akkada.
  7. LuvNTR


    CBI enquiry vesthe gaani nijalu bayataki raavu.
  8. LuvNTR

    Runa maafi as national scheme ?

    Yes. US lo every farmer gets these same benefits. Asalu trump gaadu neighbor country CA tho fight seyyadaniki one of the major reason wisconsin farmers ki CA market lo produce sale seyyadaniki access kavali for milk, cow meat, cheese, corn etc.
  9. okay sony bro. i only remember that first 6 months board ready avvaledu with calculations and papers. anduke ala anna.
  10. first year ivvalsi vochindi as Krishna board ready avvaledu appatlo.
  11. ee atittude ee voddu anedi. ee atittude thone TDP ni kompa munchindi T lo ground reality teliyaniyakunda.... there are enough threads in NFDB on this water allocation.. chadavandi. AP voppukoledu...pre-poll appudu meede batting ayyaka kuda ade batting...ground meedaki raara inka meeru. 😀
  12. idi false info. ivvatledu water AP share nundi. Board and AP both did't agree for this proposal by TG. read below recent news. SO hyd water is allocated in TG share only.
  13. +1...ee CBN gaariki idoka clean image pichchi undi....kaneesam news paper lo kuda allegations raakudadu anukuntadu...intha hard work chese eyanake insecurity unte image vishayam lo inka ground level prati street lo tirige MLAs ki entha insecurity undali votes vishayam lo. kaavuna electioneering is very important along with freebies.
  14. naa daggara kuda undi pedda list having 100 Schemes. So aa 100 schemes beneficiers CBN ki guddesthe veesy gaa 130 seats raavali mari. vochesthaya....raavu. https://image.ibb.co/dH0tzH/1_CBN_Achiements.jpg https://image.ibb.co/dQZmKH/2_CBN_Achiements.jpg https://image.ibb.co/cJpxRx/3_CBN_Achiements.jpg https://image.ibb.co/hnB0eH/4_CBN_Achiements.jpg