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  1. Feeku drama started

    mari tweet lo srisailalam andhra pradesh lo programm ni address sesthunna annadu kada. how this logic works?
  2. BJP&RSS Bakth

    you mean ahmedabad and mumbai. by mistake you wrote that.
  3. Tdp future leader

    TDP solo in 2019 annai. no alliance with any other party both in AP and TG.
  4. Tdp future leader

    ante mee intention lo TDP will not form govt. in AP in 2019 ane kada...annai naaku telusu meeru TDP ki badda vyatireki ani.
  5. Tdp future leader

    panchayathi raj ministry lo big data use chesi social network lo dialy report ayye issues ni automatic ga respected departments ki forward chesi action progress automatic ga track sese project ni he successfully tested in pilot mode. Then he took it to entire 13 districts since two weeks ago. Now he laid out plan to expand this same vision to other departments. Entirely he came out with this. CBN did not have any role in it. inka emi kavali proof brother.
  6. Tdp future leader

    for me he proved in the last 6 months. undoubted ga determined goals tho munduku velthunnadu. hard working where needed. Administration lo CBN ni daatesthunnadu vision tho.