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  1. NTR_Sachin

    Anaganaganaga - Aravinda Sametha First Single

    Thaman ga Disappoint cheyale eppadlane for songs
  2. NTR_Sachin

    Why anna canteens such a big hit

    Whatta great initiative.. Aakali tho unna vaadi kadupu nimpithe oche satisfaction antha intha kaadu... For this alone cbn should come back to power.. Hope they maintain good hygiene daily like they are doing now and that the enthusiasm there at the start doesn't dwindle over time.. Aakali tho unde vaadiki padi items pettadam akkarle.. Pette okka tiffin ayna vaadiki respect ichi, mana equal ga treat chesi pedithe chaalu.. Countless blessings will come
  3. NTR_Sachin

    Donate for Kerala - Paytm & Amazon

    --5c by donors and 5c by paytm. 10C already reached
  4. NTR_Sachin

    Donate for Kerala - Paytm & Amazon

    If possible @Kiran annai or @Manoj_Jashti.. Pls pin this for some days if u can in both the busy sections 🙏
  5. × Donate to the Kerala flood relief.. Rescue works are in full swing but still there's a lot to do. We can all help in our small way. Let's not leave our people abandoned. × U can donate through Paytm or Amazon very easily or also the official CM flood relief fund. × Amazon also lets you help the respective NGOs with the relief kits directly × Am sure all of you will do the needful 🤝🏼 -- ALL LINKS BELOW 👇 1) Kerala CM Flood relief fund - https://donation.cmdrf.kerala.gov.in/ 2) Paytm Fund transfer to the CMDRF - https://blog.paytm.com/kerala-needs-our-help-70b34546c0be 3) Amazon Flood relief Items donation - https://www.amazon.in/b?ie=UTF8&amp;node=8891257031 4) Big Basket Food & Groceries donation - https://www.bigbasket.com/fp/csr-kerala-flood-relief-43330-app