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  1. NTR_Sachin


    Yea konchem pacing issues chuskovali.. Dead slow ga move chestadu proceedings.. Adi chuskunte I think he's really good.. Oka pedda success taravtha iyachu chance when there's no risk on the project.. Records gatra lekapoyna, time iste collection ki migilipoye cinema iche capacity undi
  2. NTR_Sachin


    Very talented guy Chaala baa teesadu movie.. Hope other stars too give him a big break, he deserves it
  3. NTR_Sachin

    NTR_BIOPIC Hyderabad

    8:45 prasadz
  4. Quota % pushed from 50 to 60% 10% reservation for ECONOMICALLY WEAKER UPPER CASTE in education and job sector. Constitutional amendment to be tabled tomorrow. Historic moment . Modi BIGGEST QUOTA PUSH IN INDEPENDENT INDIA
  5. NTR_Sachin


    Lol Good one.. Well, can't afford that to happen anytime.. Did read the patient complaints here just that we both came to a different diagnosis.. Can happen, its called differential diagnosis
  6. NTR_Sachin


    Kcr Andhra ki Enduku pothadu .. Think logically, where's the need?? Kejriwal ochi Andhra la contest chestada.. Sambandam leni state Cbn ochi thana full financial power, full machinery ni dimpi, maximum campaign chesadu final leg la, staying here for weeks... Geliste cbn valle gelicham ani Db la andaru ane vaaru 😊 odipoyaru kabatti disassociating anthe, its a natural thing le.. Election became kcr vs cbn and the whole world knew it..
  7. NTR_Sachin


    Geliste odiste charisma ani kaadu but janallo mass appeal and hysteria can be equated to that ... Cbn was never a mass leader like ysr or kcr anedi akkada point anthe, cbn pedda leader kaadu vallidaru painunchi digocharu ani kaadu 👍 Power lo unnappudu jabba charachadam goppa kadu.... power poyina kuda nilabadi malli power Loki ravatam goppa - - same point ysr post 99 and kcr post 09 chesaru so one and only leader nilabaddadu ani mee statement is nostalgia driven and ur allegiance to cbn speaking.. All 3 went down and came up, gotta appreciate all of them 👍
  8. NTR_Sachin


    Who said I don't appreciate what cbn has done?? It is your pre conceived notions speaking there.. But fact of the matter is, plain facts are that cbn lost to ysr twice and was frankly never on his level charisma wise janallo when he was alive.. Unko 6 months bathiki unte party undedi kaadu, prp leka poyunte memu oche vallam, lok satta lekapothe oche vallam anedi same excuses which jagan gives when he says when he brings up the vote share Gap in 2014.. Same way kcr nenedo podichese vaadni mahakutami tho lekapothe lantivi annadu after 2009 results, same way la excuse avuddi adi kuda.. Ayna antha mandi em tattukole facts mataladithe, ycr thoni odipoyadu rendu sarlu , kcr thoni odipoyadu rendu sarlu.. Second case la wasn't even close... Odipothu ala undipothu tattukovadam ante yea tattukunnadu 👍
  9. NTR_Sachin


    Edava symbols Aa.. Harmless Emoticons sir avi.. Chill kaandi kasta.. Same vein la reply iyachu kani discussion rupture kavadam tappa em kaadu.. Have a good day
  10. NTR_Sachin


    YSR 10 years kurchobettadu same cbn ni opposition la .. Bathiki unte Unko sari kurchobette vaadu... Antha dammu dhairyalu Enduku lendi daniki edo cbn edo gelchesinattu 😁
  11. Only 30% work done in 17 years and 70% completed in Modi's 4 yr term
  12. Perfect.. 1)Infos prati sari correct kavadaniki evadu devudu kaadu.. Everyone has that right... 2)Kani counter point evaranna raise chesina vallani degrade chesi nene greatest ever, u stop expressing ani insult Chesi ghoranga, prati sari pump kodithe janalu ilane dorkinappudu kappetestaru..
  13. next time UPA govt oste, tdp untadi ga elagu ,pls pass some resolution and abolish them.. cbn will have a major say in policy decisions antunnaru ga db la, chestado ledo chudali