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  1. Madanapalli

    AP ppl

    Operation Garuda ani chala rojulu munde telusu kada andariki............... TDP counter plan already plan chesuntaru........ waiting............
  2. Madanapalli

    AP ppl

    avanni dreams
  3. Madanapalli

    AP ppl

    caste kulam
  4. Madanapalli

    AP ppl

    bob marley dream neutrals told - pk cm.... naa dream lo PM ............... mee dream lo US president
  5. Madanapalli

    AP ppl

    No, he will become PM directly..........
  6. Madanapalli

    Defamation case on PK

  7. Madanapalli

    PK direct attack on CBN and Lokesh

    2014 lo NPK di xxxxx maaku dimparu ga................ ippudu npk dimpinchukondunda meeke dimputhunnaduga
  8. Madanapalli

    Self goal eesukuntaadu

    andukane scripted tweets vesthunnadu ga........... next press meet eppudo
  9. Madanapalli

    PK direct attack on CBN and Lokesh

    dimpinchukondi baaga
  10. Madanapalli

    USA orders Air strikes on Syria.

    It is very well explained here.
  11. Madanapalli

    Satsanghi Babu Satguru Jaggi

    I am very sure that he is a good man and may be doing good through Isha vidya, plantation and other programs. My only claim is that a person can't be both spiritually enlightened and running after money (even if it is meant to be serving) at the same time. Maybe if it is possible I do not know.
  12. Madanapalli

    Satsanghi Babu Satguru Jaggi

    +1 Though his teachings are good to some extent, I also feel that he is playing with peoples mind and maybe another smart guy cashing in the name enlightment. If he is really a true enlightened one, he would not go after money and moreover 90% of his teachings are to rich audience around the world.
  13. I dont discuss much on politics bro
  14. Madanapalli

    NTR Latest