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  1. M K Venu‏Verified account @mkvenu1 Modi govt has not made India's largest & most credible NSSO survey public because it shows unemployment rate at a 45 year high in 2017-18. Not since 1972-73 have we seen such high unemployment, says Business Standard. This will be Modi's achilles heel in 2019 Lok Sabha polls.
  2. deepakntr


    video ?
  3. reason em ayi undochu ?
  4. Very good decision .. TDP should go alone
  5. deepakntr

    Model police stations

    boards telugu lo unte baguntundi ...
  6. deepakntr

    PK ni munchesina Baffas

    JSP tho alliance ante PK gadiki life ichinatte ... pls CBN 🙏.. go alone ...TDP will surely win ...
  7. public life lo unappudu NBK should get rid of wig ... ntr biopic audio release lo unnattu unte it looks very natural and legend ntr ni chusinatte untundi ...
  8. he should then contest as independent and win and after that he can do whatever he wants
  9. deepakntr

    New year twist by cbn

    even PK fans kuda Jagan ke vestharu ... 3 way contest is the best shot for TDP ...
  10. deepakntr

    New year twist by cbn

    asalu PK tho avasarama ? 2009 lo trs tho pettukuni oka thappu chesam .. we should go alone in 2019 ... we can support congress at national level for AP needs
  11. deepakntr

    Raft foundation

    KCR gadi maatalaki viluva isthunnaru ante 🙏 ... andithe thala lekpaothe kaalu type ..
  12. deepakntr

    18 people lost sight in Husnabad

    TS gurunchi li8 brothers ... vaallu emi aipoina manaki anavasaram ..
  13. deepakntr

    Twaralo dubai ki services

    Overseas lo unde AP vaasulu hyd ravalsina avasaram lekunda vijayawada option ravali ...
  14. deepakntr

    BJD - TDP

    + 1 KCR plan ide ... but question is can he join NDA ? how will that effect Muslim vote and MIM affiliation in TG ?