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  1. For a change, TDP/CBN should not announce any freebies in next election manifesto .. (it can continue few mandatory ones like old age pension) .. instead CBN should promise only development and let people decide what they want ... i have a feeling people will get vexed up with freebies promises as they will understand that AP govt has no money to give away freebies ..
  2. Andhra people are least bothered .. vallaki month ending ki jebulo rupayi pedithe chalu .. asalu nijamga short term gains ki andhra ppl aasa padakapoyi unte 2004 lo ne CBN odevadu kadu .. aa thappu chivariki state split ki daari teesindi .. ippatiki inka budhi raledu ..
  3. looks like BJP is targeting tdp funding sources .. CM Ramesh and Sujana are major funders for party .. also narayana ni target chesthunnaru ani talk ... this is probably toughest time in TDP's history ... wrong steps teeskunte TG type lo address undadu .. hepefully god will be on tdp's side
  4. Election Commission should be completely revamped ..