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NTR... Best of the Best


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tarakfans.com evaridi??? aa website lo chalaaaa videos vundevi... chalaa interviews... ashok time nunchi kantri time daka chalaaa interviews vundali......ntr rajanouli ni interview chesinavi ila.. evarikanna teliste aa videos ni collect chesi youtube lo pettandi pleaseeeee

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Hello brother ,i joined in DB in 07 itself but i visited our db very rarely ..at that i missed all the vedios and i have only few vedios with me....with your post i came to know very amazing vedios ....really i am thanking you for your valuable patience.........good work and keep rocking

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Harsha nee post keka ...


Nuvvu ee db ke keka assalu...


U r the best of DB...Good collection keep on rocking bro...I am expecting more than this.....from u..


Veellantha cheppina cheppakunna NTR ki mana DB lo antha kante hardcore fans unnaru like vizag ntr ,nagachaithanya,narash@ntr,munna

you and me...

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