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2 days lo another hearing in ACB court


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Chances are they will extend remand and may even extend police custody..

SC meeda kuda aasalu levu, in case this is Modi plan, we can expect how SC ruling will be.. 


Can lawyers cite

1. incoming elections

2.party head / head of opposition

3. physical and mental health

and mention that as head of opposition, he is losing crucial time before an election .. It is the responsibility of the judiciary also to uphold democracy.. So can we seek house custody instead? 


bail w or w/o restrictions is better option ofcourse


bahusha ee vishyam meeda ekkuva push cheyyali legal ga, instead of squash…


what are party legal minds thinking?

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investigation time bound kadu,

trial time bound kadu,

remand time bound kadu..

courts merits of the case lo ki nenu vellanu ante nenu vellani ani judges orders ichesaru..


cant afford to loose more time, this should be stated to judge and underline the need to uphold democratic processes vis-a-vis election campaigning, party activities, electioneering etc.

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lokesh pickup avadam, pawan kalyan Cbn ni kalavadam, dagaraki cheradam modi gariki nachaledu anukuntaz

elagaithe cbn retire / disappear avagane tdp ni kabja cheddam anukunnaro.. adhe plan jagan tho arrest cheyinchi, election vodagotti cheddam anukunnattu unnaru..

great politics asalu!

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Yes no party activity in AP except few agitations last 2 weeks.

Without CBN no one there to lead party.

Votes tolagimpu in full Swing, donga votes cherpichadam completed with volunteers help.

Big conspiracy from Jagan, Modi-Shah & KCR.

BJP did this as CBN did not agree to BJP power sharing formula.


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