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KCR's chandi Yaga


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ee karchutho ento mandi raitula brathukulu nilabettavachu 


Ammavaru kuda santhosistharu 


Yagnam valla raithulake kaakunda samastha manavaali ki manchi jarigiddi...


After making extensive trials in his farms at Nuzvid and Vattigudipadu Mr. Dutt is now propagating Homa Therapy.
“Agnihotra, the basic healing fire of Homa Therapy is a small fire prepared in a pyramid shaped copper container exactly at sunrise and sunset each day. Agnihotra can neutralise the effects of pollution,” Mr Dutt told The Hindu .
The shape and size of the container needed for homa was very specific. Unbroken rice, dried cow dung, ghee are burnt at the specific timings.
Quoting an article by National Horticulture Mission chief consultant R.K. Pathak, Mr. Dutt said Agnihotra purified the atmosphere.
Tremendous amount of energy was gathered to create a magnetic field of sorts. This neutralised the negative energies.
Mr. Dutt said ‘Homa Therapy’ had a tremendous impact on his Square Foot Garden ‘yielding very good results’. He said there were more commercial applications to Homa Therapy from which farmers could benefit.
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KCR Homama gurinchi kaadu ganee bhayyaa - maa chinna thanam lo maa voori lo kooda Gayathri yagnam chesaaru - vaanalu padaali ani - the result was positive- yaagam ayye roju naati ki baaga vaana padindi - there must be some logic or link behind it - 


Hope this brings positive results to the world's humanity.

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