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RGV challenges Steven Spielberg!!!


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The eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma

and his love for rebelling against the

good and usual is known to all. But one

place where he is always strong is his

style of filmmaking. But now, it is heard

that Ramu is taking a big leap. Buzz is

that he has challenged none other than

the Hollywood guru Steven Spielberg.

News is that Ramu has decided to

come up with a new film and this has

been based strongly on the critically

acclaimed 'Munich', a movie of

Spielberg. This had Eric Bana in the lead

and now Ramu is planning to come up

with the desi version of that. This would

have the deadly Sanjay Dutt in Eric

Bana's role.

The other highlight is that the project is

being planned at a whopping budget of

Rs 90 crores and this would commence

as soon as Ramu wraps up his ongoing

movie 'Department'. What many are

waiting to see is, whether Ramu will do

a 'lift and shift' of 'Munich' or present

his own formula in that. And most

importantly, can he deliver like Steven


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