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Well said Babaji.. :bananadance::bananadance::bananadance: But ramayya should be in Everyone's heart as well..then this world would be truly a wonderful place to live in.. :bananadance::bananadance:

babaji :donno:


i am trying to be follows ramayya foot steps..respect elders/parents.do good things in life.. help possible..but not hurt.. living simple life. not expecting to much.. :shakehands:

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Sree Raama ani smaristhey saalu,edho theliyani feeling untadhi... :shakehands:


yaa avunu baa... andukane ,, nenu db lo ninnu samModinchetappudu kooda JAi sreram ba antanu .. aa rakam gaa inaa devudi peru oka sari sprusisthanu gaa ani ..

inthaka mundhi ithey JSR ane vadini ...nannu ready2fight.gifbig_fight.gif

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Good night maaia...Telusuko marintha telusuko...This journey itself is so fascinating and wonderful....Bhakti jnanam ga parinaminchaali...jnanam bhaktiga parinaminchaali...Good luck baa.. :shakehands:



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