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  1. sand, mining, liquor, mining, land settlements/grabbing, j tax corruption issue divert cheyyadam kosam try chesaadu. daily income minimum 100 crores earn chesthunnaadu.kashtapadi sampaadhinche vaadu tax kattaali.  dhochuku thine vaadu  tax kattakundaa enjoy chesthaadu.

    inko two terms gelisthe world no 1 richest avuthaadu. 



  2. 37 minutes ago, Venkatpaladugu said:

    Emo annai..

    I lost my understanding about Indian economy..

    People are celebrating for 4000 cr exports ..where as small scale and medium scale industries and formaing sectors ..stuck very badly from 2016..still people are modi baba great

    head shave ki time paduthundhi.

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