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  1. 4 minutes ago, chanti149 said:

    Aa judge eedena.....mareee bari tegichinodila unade....


    Same judge aa kada telidu manavallu evaraina confirm cheyyali.... dhinekka blood kadigithe proofs ela miss avuthayannadante 😂😂😂 ee saari CJI  aa statement ichina great judge ni law exam malli rayinchali analanta dhula teeripodi !!

  2. 8 minutes ago, LION_NTR said:

    Jr DP pettukuni..Lokesh ni pappu ani ane vaallu unnaru ide thread lo..chala active ga. They take every opportunity to bring CBN and lokesh into every damn thing and throw mud on them..best example is blaming CbN and loki in Avinash’s case.

    anyway, I am not inclined towards Loki or Jr with-a bias. people come and leave.
    My motives are not based on fanaticism or favoritism. I want my state to excel and I will be happier if that happens under the umbrella called TDP. As long as TDP retains its core values of decency, I don’t really mind about who sits in the prime seat.




    Lokesh ni thittevallu jr ni thittevallu 2 batches ee thread lo vunnaru that's not the point ee particular thread lo valla argument gelavaleka or frustration lo thiduthunaru kaani jr kosam kadu annadi Naa point 

    And regarding to the state I entirely agree with you evaru manchi chesthe Valle suppose paininchi pedayana digivachina ayanakante another person better vunte aa better person ke support chestha beacuse any day state baguntene andullo vunna crores of people lives baguntayi and in present times TDP is the only party is the best choice so far And I support whoever is the leading person!!

  3. 4 minutes ago, LION_NTR said:

    Nenu Jr reserve cheyyamani cheppaadu anadam ledhu.

    Maa Jr oka decade tarvaatha vasthaadu. Appatidaaka flexis nunchi public meetings varaku Lokesh ni promote cheyyodhhu..ani ee few filthy guyz gola. They continue to belittle by calling Lokesh as pappu and the party supporters as dhandu. They want the current TDP leadership to fail so that someone can get a piece of it with no efforts. It’s their sick mind.

    As far as my opinion goes..Jr might not even step into active politics at all. He is wise enough to understand that there’s no political vaccumm in the state.

    But I wish him to take reigns of T-TDP with long terms goals.

    Sick minded people both sides vunnaru.... in this particular thread no one brings the jr name directly or indirectly other than you ..bjp IDs and bayata ycheepis kuda anataru pappu ani so valla dwesham akkasu tho anevallandarini jr kosame antunaru ani generalise cheyyodani manavi yes there are some jr fans who attacks lokesh vice-versa but they didn't start in this particular thread which is about Avinash reddy 

  4. 1 hour ago, LION_NTR said:

    Day light lo Delhi dagulbaaji gaadu support chesthunnadu..both CBI cases and financial matters lo.

    even 2019 electionS time lo kooda dagulbaaji was hand in glove with thuglak.

    aa murder topic ni successful ga CBN inability ga chupisthunnadu ee filthy fellow.

    This type of rogues have ulterior motives. They target Lokesh who is sweating relentlessly for the party but expect a free cake to someone who wants to reserve the chair after a decade.  

    I agree with all but meeru kooda thondari padi Mata tulakandi jr meeku cheppada nakosam reserve cheyyamani leka vallu jr kosame thidathanarani meere ela cheptaru ilantivi tagginchi collective ga Jaffas and baffas meeda poradadam ok !!!

  5. 21 minutes ago, LION_NTR said:

    Naadhi chekka bhajana, needhi kajji(Gajji)kaayala bhajanoo..tarvaatha argue cheddam.

    nee vaadana prakaaram..CbN 25 days lo ..aapadharma CM gaa untu, CS sahakatinchakapoyina, DGp cooperation ivvakapoyinaa..dasthagiri ni approver ni chesi, judge tho legal ga accept cheyinchi..avinash ni inquire chesi, bhaskar reddy ni enquire chesi, vaallani jail lo pettalaa. .?saripothundaa leka 25th ayyelopu Bharathi reddy ni kooda jail lo pettaalaa?

    Let’s discuss on this. 
    only an imbecile will throw mud when a logical question is posed at.i hope u r not that. But my gut feeling tells me otherwise.

    Btw, TDP doesn’t need filth like you. we don’t need ur sympathy or concern. It always had high moral standards in comparison with any other party. U and ur edhurudhaadi  is most suited for YCP. 

    Btw,  Lokesh ni  tiduthunnavu.. neeku oka chaduvukunna boothu sannasi gaadu likes koduthunnadu.

    I now understand which group you belong to. Kodali nani, vamsi type boothu fellow vi anukuntaa.


    Ade kada aa RKumar reality ki duranga casual statements istanadu 2-3 days lo cheseyochu ani inka nayam gantalo cheyochu 1 min lo cheyochu analedu 

    Akkada murder ayyindi VIP murder cheyinchindi VIP & aa officer speed up avuthunadane culprit VIP ec ni political ga ibbandi pedithunadu ani cheppi marpincharu ante ...2-3 days lo without proper investigation rara vip anagane vadu notlo velu esukoni vachestadu Mari !!!

    per suppose Aa strict officer ni marchakapoina law lo ni loopholes upoyoginchi stay lu anisipatory lu ani same drama nadichi easy peasy ga 6 months ayyedi !!! 2-3 days anta opposite vunnodi political support marchipoyi matladuthunaru !!

  6. Just now, chanu@ntrfan said:

    Day 1 of Jagan ruling..............Mee ranku andariki ardam ayyindi kani dlm's aapandi

    Btw ee roju bail isthunara? Icheyandi, Lekapothey daily Hyderabad to Kurnool diesel bokka :lol2:

    Basu neekemi arthamayyindi evariki veyyalsina quote evvariki vesavu saami ....that guy tells day 1 ye kadapa lo Andariki telusu ante telisinkuda Jaggadiki ela esaru antunna nannu kooda nee avesam lo jaffa and baffa batch lo vesava lol

  7. 1 minute ago, RKumar said:

    Maamulu murder cases lo 2-3 days lo police will solve cases, VIP cases lo it shouldn't take much time.

    Everyone in kadapa politics knows who is behind it, Government failure not able to get culprits names & kutra Konam. If center not supporting TDP should have defended itself as a party. Bothways complete failure.

    Either TDP leadership YCP tho collude ayyi case joliki pola (or) failure from government.

    Incompetent IB chief. Arhatha Leni vaadoki kurchi isthe ilaage vuntadi.

    CBN evariki posts ichhado in government either turned against him after his tenure or proved incompetent.

    Not only this case there are multiple cases vijayawada liquor case lo labour chanipothe malladi Vishnu ni emi cheyyaledu, within years he won as MLA. ilaantivi multiple cases total government failure.


    Antha clear ga investigation chestunna strict officer ni ec lepesindi bayya ante malli ade song ante inka emi matladali ????

    Let's confine to viveka case other issues lo konni expectations reach kalekapovachu !!!

  8. 13 hours ago, RKumar said:

    Good joke.

    Evariki bajana cheyyalsina avasaram ledu murder ki election ki madya gap 26 days election ki jaggadi pramanasweekaraniki madya gap around 46 days 

    As far as I remember CBN oka strict officer ni appoint chesthe athanu case lo serious ga work chestanadani Ycp EC ki mamalni political ga ibbandi pedithunadu marchandi ante EC marchi dobbindi oka murder case deal chestanodni kuda marchi dobbindi ani shock ayya Powers anni ec chethulo vunnaka inka evvaremi cheyyaleru !!!

  9. Twitter lo Indian police service association account vundi....

    Mana NRI batch tweets vesthe ela vuntadi like what is this bias towards ruling party by the police ani oka mahila battalu marchukovataniki angikarinchakunda immediate ga arrest chesi ippudu the great CBI is begging the local police for the cooperation for arresting an MP what kind of a message is giving ani tweets esi dobbithe ela vuntadi???????

  10. 6 hours ago, Mobile GOM said:

    Viveka ki kuttulu vepinchadu daggara vundi. Starting lo CBI enquiry modalu petta gaane veedu baya padi hyd hospital lo join ayyadu.Vaadu hospital nunchi discharge avva gaane lepesaru godda li tho. Same Viveka ki katti natte tala ki kattu kattaru. Heart attack ani chepparu. Cement valla nanna kabatti No enquiry 😂😂

     cement aunty father ni lepesi carona account lo vesaru not heart attack you can see black bag also !!

    Unfortunately media kuda pedda ga sound cheyyala carona vaste blood stains emiti ani 

    Somebody please post the pic !!

  11. 8 hours ago, akhil ch said:

    last time TRS MLA lani intha kante chesaru cut cheste biggest victory for TRS

    Yo akhilu

    kcr ruling jagga ruling okatena ??????

    Uttam Kumar reddy CBN okkatena ????

    Ts lo Better ruling (compare to jagga) with weak opposition ( uttam)

    AP lo worst ruling with strong opposition ( CBN  )

    So your comparison mismatch!!!!

  12. 1 hour ago, Sunny@CBN said:

    Vadi backbone vadiki inka strong ga ne undi. SC voters inka Jai Jagan ane antunnaru. Some change in BC and OC voting. He will definitely get more than 40% vote. If TDP can increase its vote share to 45% we can win.

    Cbn time lo iche 28 SC padakalu apesadu

    Madiga corporation adigithe ammavodi istanam ga transparent ga challe annadu

    SC laki 45 years ke pension istamu ani matatappadu ivanni realise avutharo avvaro they have to decide !!

  13. Ycheepi vallani janam cheppulatho kodataru ani avesam lo ane matalu janam nijam chesthunaru

    Satya sai Jilla MLA Sankar narayana car meeda group of people stopped the car Bonet meeda cheppulatho kottaru car meeda cheppulu visiraru debbaki paripoyadu MLA ...monna ekanga super speed ga vunde CM convey ki prananni risk chesi janam addupadatam ... something worst defeat chudabothunadu emo Jaggadu anipistubdi ivanni chusthunte.....

  14. 4 hours ago, Nfan from 1982 said:

    Google take out shows only phone location but not human location antunnadu vadu 

    apudu phone na daggara ledu antunnadu 


    Ok not human location then Why all of a sudden all the murderers phones location shows Avinash reddy house ????

  15. Arey xxxx Avinash ga  murderers balavanthanga viveka chetha rayincharu ani forensic vallu cheppara ra sannasi edava....ledu nuvvu cheppinattu nijangane driver champithe aa driver ni save cheyadanike blood kadigi kutlu vesi kattlu katti gundepotu ani abaddam aadi freezer lo pettara xxxxx kodaka oka pakka Google take out lo murderers before and after Mee intlo ne vunnaru ani ochindi ...entha pachi ga mosam cheyalani chusthunaru saami ee Ycp vedavalu 🙏🙏🙏

  16. 2 hours ago, Chandasasanudu said:

    thamari bondha asala republic tv debate choosava..cbn clearly mentioned its not a forum for alliance..he was only talking on technology and development..aa forum lo controversial comments chesthara..mee las republic tv baaga try chesadu opposition thittinchali or modi ni pogidinchali ani..cbn was very clear

    Vankle Aa Raghuram Raju interview lo enti death certificate lo kuda jaggadi pic Vestaremo antaaru  maa grand father (Amma valla nanna) died on 2020 June after a month or 2 ....death certificate lo jaggadi pic picha chiraku vachindi emi cheyagalam... TDP govt vachaka akkadikkade govt symbol tho kothavistam.marchukondi ante marchesukuntam kaani istaro ivvaro ☹️

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